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Anti-vaccine fake news quiz: Can you spot the conspiracy misinformation spreading across social media?

Anti-vaccine fake news quiz: Can you spot the conspiracy misinformation spreading across social media?

1. An Alabama nurse died after taking the coronavirus vaccine. Hover your mouse here for the answer. Learn more about ...
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Viewpoint: GMO mosquitoes illustrate how and why science should confront ‘nature’s mindless dangers’

Kevin McDermott | 
Wisconsin’s ubiquitous mosquitoes, it turns out, aren’t taking social distancing to heart at all. Sitting on the deck, browsing the ...
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Dicamba on trial: Bayer tells federal judges banning drift-prone herbicide would ’cause chaos’ for farmers

Darrell Hoemann | 
As U.S. soybean and cotton farmers work to get their 2020 crops planted, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ...
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$265 million dicamba weed killer verdict paves way for more successful lawsuits against Monsanto, BASF

Bryce Gray | 
A $265 million verdict .... against two global agribusiness giants [in late February] has now created another legal headache for ...
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What’s Bayer’s argument in its appeal of the $265 million Bader Farms-Monsanto dicamba weedkiller jury verdict?

Bryce Gray | 
What’s next in the Bader Farms lawsuit? Both Bayer and BASF deny Bader [Farms] suffered any dicamba damage. They blame ...

Dicamba trial: Bayer contends peach farm damage occurred before drift-prone Monsanto herbicide hit the market

Johnathan Hettinger | 
In all-day testimony on the eighth day of the trial, [farmer Bill] Bader said as long as dicamba is sprayed ...
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Dicamba on trial: Peach farmer testifies Monsanto knew its drift-prone herbicide would damage his 1,000-acre operation

Johnathan Hettinger | 
Since 1970, Bill Bader has worked on peach farms in Dunklin County, Missouri, just north of the Arkansas border. Bader ...
dicamba damage

Monsanto expected farmer complaints when it released drift-prone herbicide dicamba, court documents show

Bryce Gray | 
Monsanto expected thousands of farmers to complain about its new weedkiller drifting and harming their crops when it launched the ...
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Plant-based GMO ‘Impossible’ Whopper a surprise hit at 59 Midwest Burger King locations

Daniel Neman | 
The St. Louis area, with 59 Burger King locations, has been chosen as the sole test market for the [plant-based] ...

Can biotechnology help protect the world’s chocolate supply?

Bryce Gray | 
[K]eeping pace with global cravings can be a tall order for chocolate producers — a challenge made even tougher as ...

GMOs are ‘yucky’—the real reason consumers dislike biotech crops?

David Nicklaus | 
Twenty-two years after Monsanto introduced its Roundup-resistant soybeans, the debate over genetic modification is far from over .... in the U.S., ...
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Use of illegal, older varieties of dicamba herbicide blamed for causing crop damage across 10 states

Bryce Gray | 
For some farmers and weed scientists, puckered leaves on certain crops and other plants have become a familiar summertime sight ...
With growing season nearing, concerns rise over more potential dicamba damage as Missouri lawsuit proceeds

With growing season nearing, concerns rise over more potential dicamba damage as Missouri lawsuit proceeds

Bryce Gray | 
Eyes on wide swaths of the nation's farmland are sure to look out for continued damage from dicamba – divisive ...
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Indians split over Monsanto’s role in world agriculture

Christopher Beyer, Sudipto Maity | 
As Monsanto, the Creve Coeur-based seed and pesticide giant, prepares to merge with Germany’s Bayer, observers wonder how the marriage ...

Lawsuit claims chemical companies ‘secretly’ encouraged illegal dicamba herbicide spraying

Bryce Gray | 
As suspected drift from dicamba took a toll on farmers the past two growing seasons, Monsanto ... publicly urged growers ...
New Superweeds e

Improved herbicides only a ‘temporary fix’ for herbicide-resistant weeds

Nathan Donley | 
Editor's note: This article was authored by Nathan Donley is a senior scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity, a group ...
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Monsanto sued by peach farmer over alleged damage from illegal herbicide use

Bryce Gray | 
Missouri’s largest peach producer has filed a lawsuit against Monsanto Co., alleging that the biotech company bears responsibility for illegal ...
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Monsanto developing genetic, pesticide-free control for bee-killing Varroa mites

Jacob Barker | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. . . . . Many ...

Monsanto throws weight behind voluntary GMO labeling bill

Chuck Raasch | 
Monsanto Co. and other biotechnology giants are throwing support behind a bill to create new national standards for genetically engineered ...

Would a Sygenta merger improve Monsanto’s image?

Tim Barker | 
Monsanto’s unsolicited courtship of Swiss rival Syngenta AG has the potential to do many things for the agriculture giant. But could ...

Monsanto settles GMO wheat lawsuit in seven states

Tim Barker | 
Monsanto Co. announced the settlement of another string of lawsuits related to the 2013 discovery of genetically modified wheat found ...
Japan calls for more GMO info before lifting US wheat ban strict xxl

Monsanto perfecting GMO wheat: Are the public and farmers ready?

Tim Barker | 
The facility has dozens of rooms just like it. But inside this particular 10-foot-by-20-foot growth chamber at Monsanto’s global research ...
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Vermont’s GMO labeling law: Win or loss for consumers?

Tim Barker | 
Vermont is the first state in the nation to pass a GMO labeling law, but whether or not it is ...
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Monsarno (aka Monsanto) makes an appearance on the ‘Simpsons’

Joe Holleman | 
On Sunday's episode of "The Simpsons," Monsanto — in a plot line surely not endorsed by the company — is the ...

St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial backs labeling but not over health concerns

The GMO-free label on Cheerios is an indication that the consumer has won a battle for more information and transparency ...

Mississippi farmers must pay damages to Monsanto for stealing seeds

A federal judge has denied a motion for a new trial for a north Mississippi company sued by Monsanto for ...

St. Louis Post-Dispatch supports reasonable, useful GMO labeling

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has released an editorial in favor of GMO labeling. "Humans nature assumes the worst," they wrote, "particularly ...

Improved DNA sequencing helps leukemia treatments

Blythe Bernhard | 
The following is an excerpt. ST. LOUIS – Doctors can now view patients’ leukemia from the equivalent of a helicopter ...
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