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All the resources you need in the global battle against the coronavirus

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Curious about the state of research into screening and diagnostic tools for the coronavirus? Maybe you want to keep up ...
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DNA, fruit flies and the quest to treat cancer with precision medicine

Genetic Literacy Project | 
"Cancer therapy is becoming customized to each patient." ...
dangers of in vitro fertilization

IVF raises breast and ovarian cancer risks for women over 40 as much as 65%? That’s what headlines scream, but here’s how statistics lie and scare people

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Statistics related to medical risks and care often unnecessarily frighten people, and lousy journalism doesn't help ...
bigstock Gmo Or Organic Farming Directi

Conventional agriculture holds multiple ecological advantages over organic, analysis shows

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Conventional farming outperforms organic in several key measures -- particularly crop yield, according to a meta analysis of 164 research ...

‘GMOs Revealed’: Documentary series delivers familiar arguments from the fringe

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Multi-part documentary series will be rolled out over nine days, offering familiar voices from the anti-GMO fringe ...

Food Evolution interview: Could ‘pro science’ documentary inspire a pro-GMO food movement?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Food Evolution director Scott Hamilton Kennedy talks with the Genetic Literacy Project about the film's funding, and challenges the "ruthless ...
food evolution

Food Evolution director Scott Hamilton Kennedy: ‘I wanted to reset the debate’ over food and farming

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Oscar-nominated director talks with the Genetic Literacy Project about the reaction his documentary has received, both from GMO critics and ...

Debate heats up: Did National Academies of Science GMO report go far enough in affirming GMO safety consensus?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The debate among scientists over whether the 2016 NAS report unnecessarily muddied the debate over GMO regulations spilled over into ...

Are we ready, without professional help, to decide what to do when our genes tell us we have a potential disorder?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The FDA's decision to allow 23andMe to offer consumers disease screening has triggered a debate over whether the public is ...

Was the EPA right not to ban the crop pesticide chlorpyrifos?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The EPA decision allowing farmers to continue using the popular pesticide chlorpyrifos has drawn both praise and scorn, each side ...

Glyphosate: Dangerous chemical or anti-GMO bogeyman?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Glyphosate has drawn scrutiny and criticism like no other chemical in agriculture since the controversy over DDT. But years of ...

Would a Sygenta merger improve Monsanto’s image?

St. Louis Post Dispatch | 
Monsanto’s unsolicited courtship of Swiss rival Syngenta AG has the potential to do many things for the agriculture giant. But could ...

Monsanto settles GMO wheat lawsuit in seven states

St. Louis Post Dispatch | 
Monsanto Co. announced the settlement of another string of lawsuits related to the 2013 discovery of genetically modified wheat found ...
Japan calls for more GMO info before lifting US wheat ban strict xxl

Monsanto perfecting GMO wheat: Are the public and farmers ready?

St. Louis Post Dispatch | 
The facility has dozens of rooms just like it. But inside this particular 10-foot-by-20-foot growth chamber at Monsanto’s global research ...
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Vermont’s GMO labeling law: Win or loss for consumers?

St. Louis Post Dispatch | 
Vermont is the first state in the nation to pass a GMO labeling law, but whether or not it is ...
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