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Scientific American: Why trumped up glyphosate controversy obscures benefits of GM technology

Scientific American | 
It’s been awhile since I’ve written on GMOs, but it may be time to start again. Recently, a huge amount ...
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Rejection of cheese as ‘dangerous’ shows why fanatical anti-GMO groups are like homeopaths

Scientific American | 
Would opponents of GMO technology object to eating cheese made with chymosin from genetically engineered microbes? Avoiding it might be ...

Plant scientist Pamela Ronald developing GMO bananas that could save millions of lives

Scientific American | 
Bananas are delicious. But bananas aren’t just some tasty delicacy, they’re actually a staple crop for millions of people, just ...

New media group Vox stands up to GMO ‘test’

Scientific American | is a new news site that aims to do things a bit differently. Led by Ezra Klein, formerly of ...

More myths dispelled about GMOs creating food allergies

Scientific American | 
Kevin Bonham, a Scientific American blogger and graduate student working on a PhD in the Immunology Program at Harvard, where ...

Some anti-GMO concerns not unique to GMOs, but to unsustainable farming in general

Scientific American | 
(Summary) Kevin Bonham of Scientific American responded to several anti-GMO, pro-labeling arguments in his latest blog post. He addressed concerns over ...

Progressive scientist on why Rachel Maddow and other liberals are dead wrong about GMOs

Scientific American | 
Harvard PhD candidate Kevin Bonham, a self-proclaimed liberal/progressive and  Whole Foods and local food shopper, writing in in his Scientific American ...
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Will the public still fear GMOs in 100 years?

Scientific American | 
Innovations like aviation and vaccines have been huge contributions to modern society, despite initial public opposition. The same could be ...

Talking with kids about genetics

Scientific American | 
Last week, I had the opportunity to talk with a group of students from Grandview Heights School in Edmonton, Canada. The ...
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Biotech crops do not produce new allergens or toxins

Scientific American | 
The idea that GM crops might result in novel allergens is "at best wildly misleading and at worse an all-out ...

Union of Concerned Scientists embraces anti-science views on crop biotech

Kevin Bonham Science blog | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Let me begin by saying I love the Union of Concerned Scientists. They’ve been ...
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