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How does space change your genetics? Astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly explain

Verge | 
[Editor's note: Astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly -- the only twins who have traveled in space -- offer observations on ...
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Too tall or too short? There could be 83 genetic reasons for it

Verge | 
Researchers have pinpointed 83 rare genetic variants that may directly affect a person’s height. These variants...don’t occur very often, but ...

Genome of worm removed from man’s brain mapped

Popular Science | 
For many years, a Chinese man in the U.K. experienced a range of debilitating neurological symptoms with no understood origin--including ...

New gene target may be hope for obesity treatments

Fox News | 
Many who struggle with their weight will often blame a “slow” metabolism – meaning their bodies do not burn calories ...

Brain change starts early for infants with gene linked to Alzheimer’s

Fox News | 
For decades, researchers have been trying to determine when brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease first begin in patients. Now, ...

Alcohol dependence and bulimia may share common genetic risk factors

Fox News | 
People who suffer from alcohol addiction may be more vulnerable to certain types of eating disorders – and vice versa ...

Genetics may determine who becomes a heavy smoker

Fox News | 
The following is an excerpt. Individuals who pick up smoking as teenagers have a much higher risk of becoming heavy ...
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Reverse aging? Scientists find way to make old muscles young again with proteins and stem cells

Fox News | 
It is a dream for everyone as they grow older to turn back the clock and live in a younger ...

Fat stem cells from liposuction used to form functioning blood vessels

Fox News | 
Liposuction may yield more than just a leaner figure – it can potentially produce stem cells for tissue reconstruction. Researchers ...

Gene discovery could lead to birth control pill for men

Fox News | 
When it comes to birth control, numerous options are available to women to help them regulate their menstrual cycle and ...