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screenshot china is diagnosing coronavirus patients by looking for ground glass in their lungs take a look at x

Appearance of ‘ground glass’ in the lungs could be key to diagnosing coronavirus using CT scans

Alexandria Hein | 
A team of Mount Sinai doctors became the first in the U.S. to analyze CT scans of patients diagnosed with ...
cosmic crisp apples

New ‘Cosmic Crisp’ apple with year-long storage life poised to hit stores in December 2019

David Aaro | 
An apple a day... a year in the fridge, they may stay. A new type of apple was launched [December ...
conception dna

‘Rapid DNA’ testing used to identify victims of California dive boat fire

Hollie McKay | 
As the clock keeps ticking away following a catastrophic dive boat fire in California ..., friends and family members of those thought ...

Viewpoint: To fix the FDA, we need these qualities—including a commitment to regulatory reform — in its new leader

Henry Miller | 
With the just-announced resignation of FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the White House and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex ...
baby roundup question

Glyphosate cancer lawsuits ‘needlessly alarm’ the public abut a ‘critical farming tool’

Frank Lucas | 
[A] federal district judge presiding over class-action litigation in California [recently] made a troubling decision that will reverberate across the ...
GMO field e

Viewpoint: It’s time to fix flawed regulations and labels based on ‘utterly meaningless’ GMO term

Henry Miller | 
“GMO” is an utterly meaningless term -- which is remarkable considering that if you Google it, you get about 21,000,000 ...

Viewpoint: US funding for IARC cancer agency should be frozen until changes are made

Jeff Stier, Julie Kelly | 
Question: When is a carcinogen not necessarily a carcinogen? Answer: When the labelling is done by the World Health Organization’s ...

Viewpoint: This flu season is a ‘wake-up call’—we need a universal flu vaccine

Henry Miller | 
Editor's note: Henry I. Miller, a physician, molecular biologist and former flu virus researcher, is the Robert Wesson fellow in scientific ...

Democrats accuse Trump of turning USDA into ‘pro-industry advertising business’ in support of GMOs

Christopher Wallace | 
[T]he Department of Agriculture under President Trump is throwing its weight behind genetically modified foods with a new GMO-friendly information ...

General Mills angers environmentalists over inclusion of invasive species in ‘save the bees’ seed mix

Environmentalists are buzzing about a new campaign started by General Mills to promote awareness surrounding the world's declining bee population ...

Seed catalogues for dummies: Everything gardeners need to know about hybrids, heirlooms and GMOs

Marianne Lipanovich | 
Nurseries, home improvement stores and even grocery stores may have racks of seeds available when it’s time to start gardening, ...
Screen Shot at AM

Genetic understanding of gynecological tumors could lead to new treatments

Researchers have unveiled the genetic landscape of carcinosarcomas (CSs), some of the most deadly tumors in ovarian and uterine cancers, ...

Missouri’s right-to-farm amendment could protect farmers from new GMO regulations

Ruth Ravve | 
Missouri voters and interest groups are locked in a battle over the right to farm, as some farmers say they ...

First cancer drug that turn off body’s immune system proteins approved

U.S. regulators on Thursday approved the first drug in a new class of cancer medicines that work by stimulating the ...

Danger in food scares over GMOs almost never real, but fear itself kills

John Stossel | 
It's easy to scare people about what's in their food, but the danger is almost never real. And the fear ...

Ultra strong measles vaccine cures woman of cancer

Rob Quinn | 
In a breakthrough that could offer new hope to people with some kinds of cancer, Mayo Clinic researchers say they ...

New gene target may be hope for obesity treatments

Loren Grush | 
Many who struggle with their weight will often blame a “slow” metabolism – meaning their bodies do not burn calories ...
gmo salmon

GM salmon: Will supermarket wariness sabotage rollout of first genetically engineered animal?

Hannah Sentenac | 
With the FDA close to approving the AquAdvantage GM salmon, wariness by supermarkets and aggressive opposition from anti-GMO NGOs raises ...

DNA confirms two women who met via social media are identical twins

Adopted, raised on different continents, not knowing about each other, two sisters re-unite accidentally because of YouTube and Facebook. Samantha ...