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Do obesity and mental illness share genetic links?

ScienceNorway | 
If a person with high genetic vulnerability is exposed to adverse environmental factors, such as an infection or mental trauma, ...
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The psychology of risk: ‘Psychopathic traits regularly found in successful people’

ScienceNorway | 
One problem with research on psychopathy is that it largely only deals with criminals. [Psychiatrist Randi] Rosenqvist believes it would ...
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Anxiety in dementia patients is often ‘overlooked, underestimated and not identified’

ScienceNorway | 
It’s not uncommon for people with dementia to roam around a lot and to be very restless, both day and ...

The thicker your cerebral cortex, the easier it is to learn new languages

Science Nordic | 
Researchers have long known that the brain changes when people learn a new language. But the relationship between the ability ...