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Talking Biotech: Science Moms documentary explores how parents can navigate GMO and food disinformation on the web

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Filmmaker Natalie Newell: Despite the film being funded entirely by an online crowdfunding campaign, the Science Moms have been attacked ...
Science Moms

Science Moms hit back at anti-GMO group’s Monsanto ‘shill’ accusations

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[Editor's note: Alison Bernstein, Anastasia Bodnar, Jenny Splitter, Kavin Senapathy, Layla Katiraee, and Natalie Newell are part of a group called Science ...
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‘Science mom’ challenges meal delivery service Blue Apron’s non-GMO food policy

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Blue Apron's non-GMO policy stirs up a hornets' nest of reaction by pro-science moms on a quest to take on ...