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neanderthal dna makes up about of the modern human genome

How genes from long-extinct Neanderthals and Denisovans live on in modern human DNA

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When the Neanderthal genome was first sequenced in 2010 and compared with ours, scientists noticed that genes from Homo neanderthalensis ...
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Were the Denisovans a collection of 3 different species?

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A new study using genetic data is offering an intriguing new look into the history of the Denisovans, revealing them as a ...

Bad decision: Did your genes make you do it?

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Studies have picked out groups of genes associated with intelligence, academic achievement, criminal activity and other life outcomes. It now ...
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Making a ‘monster’ with artificial intelligence—on purpose

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Researchers at MIT have created a psychopath. They call him Norman. He’s a computer. Actually, that’s not really right. Though ...
hematohidrosis patient

Not a nightmare: It’s possible to sweat blood

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A medical case report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal from Italian researchers last year details a 21-year-old patient who began mysteriously sweating ...
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Evolution may be tough to predict, but it’s not random

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Can we predict the course evolution will take? That’s the question an international team of researchers decided to tackle, using ...
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Popular Cavendish banana heading towards extinction, with GMO and gene edited varieties only viable saviors

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We are in the age of the Cavendish, a banana cultivar that accounts for 99 percent of imports to the Western world. But ...
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Human Project: 10,000 New Yorkers’ health to be tracked over 20 years

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If you smoke cigarettes, you’re putting yourself at a heightened risk for heart disease. That correlation is well-known and unchallenged ...
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Fighting the common cold: Understanding rare genetic mutation may be key

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A rare mutation that nearly killed a young girl has revealed insights into the common cold. Researchers from the National Institute ...
homo naledi

Walked with us: Cave findings show extinct human-like species Homo naledi co-existed with modern humans

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Discovered in a South African cave, H. naledi first came to light in 2015, in a paper by University of the Witwatersrand ...
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To save energy, our liver grows by day and shrinks at night

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Among all the organs in the human body, the liver is something of a superhero. Not only does it defend our ...
"Uncombable hair syndrome" linked to rare gene mutations

“Uncombable hair syndrome” linked to rare gene mutations

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The "uncombable hair syndrome," which is usually present only in childhood, results in a tangled mess of frizzy hair that leaves ...
Drug industry could improve research if scientists use CRISPR edited human-like lab rats

Drug industry could improve research if scientists use CRISPR edited human-like lab rats

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“Cancer has been cured a thousand times.” So says Christopher Austin, the director of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences ...

Bacteria give insights into randomness of evolution

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