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China decreases GM research funding

Agweek | 
Chinese research funding into genetically modified organisms (GMO) has fallen by 80 percent in the past four years, according to ...
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China continues to block GM corn from U.S.

Reuters | 
China is set to keep rejecting U.S. corn shipments containing an unapproved genetically modified strain at least until the end ...

China GMO trade war: Distillers corn grain caught in crossfire, rejected

Reuters | 
China has turned away about 2,000 tons of U.S. dried distillers grain (DDG), a corn by-product, and more rejections are ...

China rejects another GM corn shipment from US; possible move to boost domestic prices

Reuters | 
China has rejected five more shipments of not-yet approved GM corn from the US, a move that could “discourage imports ...

Chinese state media kick into high gear to ease GMO food fears

Reuters | 
China's state media are working overtime to persuade the public that genetically modified food is safe, apparently softening up the ...