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Spawning Atlantic Salmon

Judge orders FDA to assess potential impact of escaped GM AquAdvantage salmon on wild fish

Steve Davies | 
The Food and Drug Administration must evaluate the risks posed if genetically engineered salmon escape into the wild, a federal ...
Tractor ploughing

Viewpoint: Historical opposition to tractors in farming mirrors modern campaign against GMO crops

Jenny Schlecht | 
[T]ractors made farm work more efficient and lowered food prices, but they also drove many farmers out of business. Farms ...

The Beepocalypse that wasn’t? Colony collapse disorder had ‘very small’ effects on commercial pollinators, study finds

Jonathan Knutson | 
Though colony collapse disorder has generated a great deal of concern, the phenomenon has had “very small effects” on commercial ...

Radar and robots: Can technology turn honeybees into more efficient pollinators?

Jenny Schlecht | 
According to the Bee Informed Partnership, 37.7% of managed honey bee colonies were lost during the 2018-19 winter — the ...

Viewpoint: Non-GMO salt exploits Americans’ scientific illiteracy

Jonathan Knutson | 
There it was on the salt container label, the proud proclamation that the product inside was "non-GMO." I looked at ...
glyphosate hr

What’s behind public’s fear of glyphosate?

Jenny Schlecht | 
As cases in federal court and several state courts delve into whether there is evidence that glyphosate causes cancer, a ...
gmo organic sign

Former organic farmer and USDA inspector: Time for National Organic Program to allow GMO crops

Mischa Popoff | 
Editor's note: Mischa Popoff is a former USDA organic inspector and farmer Organic activists would like you to believe their ...
Nation article header

CRISPR gene editing could boost crop yields and nutrition, but public acceptance remains wild card

Sara Wyant | 
The process of producing better food, protecting the environment and improving animal health is advancing at a seemingly breakneck pace ...
a ad a df cf b e

Viewpoint: Congress should scrap burdensome regulations on GMO crops used for biofuel, fiber

Matthew Ott et al. | 
Editor's note: This letter was signed by University of Minnesota College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources graduate students Matthew Ott, Leanna Leverich, ...
BN HP monsan J

Viewpoint: What farmers should know about ‘technology use agreements’ for GMO seeds

Peter Welte | 
Editor's note: Peter Welte is a lawyer at Vogel Law Firm in Fargo, North Dakota With the different varieties of ...
Non GMO Labelling

Viewpoint: Why I avoid buying food with the Non-GMO Project label

Katie Pinke | 
Katie Pinke is the general manager/publisher of AgWeek I decided to visit the Non-GMO Project website and Twitter profile to ...
thanksgiving dinner

Farmers’ choice: GMOs help make Thanksgiving food abundant and affordable

Katie Pinke | 
Farmers utilizing choices in seed technology, such as GMOs, allow us to have an abundance of food choices at affordable ...
img v slide be a c c e d a cd cb s c e

‘We are those farmers’: Why you shouldn’t villainize farmers who use GMOs—or the food they grow

Kate Lambert | 
[Editor's note: Kate Lambert and her husband grow corn and soybeans in Brookfield, Mo.] We are those farmers they want you ...
b c e c image

Opposition to Dow-DuPont merger emerges among major farmer group

[Editor's note: The National Farmer's Union is the second largest general farm organization in the country. It represents more than 200,000 ...

Food companies may go ‘non-GMO’ for marketing reasons

Shiloh Perry | 
[Editor's Note: The author of this excerpt, Shiloh Perry, is a communications assistant for the American Farm Bureau] Companies often make ...

For science to carry more weight in GMO debate, it needs to be more transparent

Daryll Ray, Harwood Schaffer | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The larger problem in ...
px D Judges Gavel

GMO labeling bill could allow organic farmers to sue for GMO “contamination”

Mischa Popoff | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Unless it’s drastically altered, ...

British scientists urge Europe to revamp GMO regulation

Kate Kelland | 
Europe’s stringent regulation of genetically modified (GM) crops has no rational basis and should be revamped to allow countries who ...

China decreases GM research funding

David Stanway, Niu Shuping | 
Chinese research funding into genetically modified organisms (GMO) has fallen by 80 percent in the past four years, according to ...

Genetic mechanisms may cause herbicide resistance in weeds

Stephanie Henry | 
(Summary) Farmers in Illinois have noticed over the last few years that the invasive waterhemp weed has become resistant to ...

Pursue practical food labels

The following is an excerpt. Is a truce in the long war over genetically modified (GM) food in the works? ...

Energy beet project moves forward

Mikkel Pates | 
An energy beet project is going toward planned commercialization in 2014 in North Dakota, despite the loss of a key ...

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