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‘False paradigm’: Pitting organic and conventional farming against each other won’t promote sustainability, says GLP's Jon Entine at USDA Ag Outlook Forum

‘False paradigm’: Pitting organic and conventional farming against each other won’t promote sustainability, says GLP’s Jon Entine at USDA Ag Outlook Forum

Agri-Pulse | 
Interest groups have become so hardened in their views about which types of agriculture benefit the environment that the fact ...
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Non-farming glyphosate weedkiller uses likely harm endangered species, EPA finds

Agri-Pulse | 
More than 90% of endangered species are “likely to be adversely affected” by use of glyphosate, but mostly through non-agricultural uses, ...
EPA: Gene-edited crops and other ‘green’ pesticide alternatives on the way

EPA: Gene-edited crops and other ‘green’ pesticide alternatives on the way

Agri-Pulse | 
EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is optimistic that new and greener alternatives are on the way to help farmers to protect ...
Spawning Atlantic Salmon

Judge orders FDA to assess potential impact of escaped GM AquAdvantage salmon on wild fish

Agweek | 
The Food and Drug Administration must evaluate the risks posed if genetically engineered salmon escape into the wild, a federal ...
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Should you worry about pesticides in fruits and vegetables? 96.8% of domestic food below legal residue limits, FDA reports

Agri-Pulse | 
The vast majority of foods sampled for pesticides in the 2018 fiscal year contained residues within EPA tolerances, the Food ...
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Farm groups join lawsuit to support EPA’s glyphosate weedkiller re-approval

Agri-Pulse | 
Commodity groups, ag retailers and others are seeking to intervene in a lawsuit filed in the 9th Circuit Court of ...
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Farmers, anti-glyphosate activists lobby EPA as agency mulls herbicide’s future in US

Agri-Pulse | 
Pro- and anti-glyphosate companies and organizations lined up to praise — or bash — the active ingredient in the most ...
Monsanto Roundup pesticide ap img

Glyphosate manufacturers reject alleged weed killer-cancer link in response to federal Roundup report

Agri-Pulse | 
Glyphosate registrants defended their products as safe to use in comments submitted .... to the Department of Health and Human ...

Food and farm groups combat activist effort to ban glyphosate from oat production

Agri-Pulse | 
An effort by the Environmental Working Group seeks to eliminate the use of glyphosate in oat production, but farm and ...
roundup monsanto bayer merger

New CDC glyphosate report: “Most studies found no association between exposure to glyphosate-based products and risk of cancer”

Agri-Pulse | 
A new [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] report on glyphosate’s toxicological effects likely will play a role in the ongoing ...

Federal judge rules California can’t label glyphosate herbicide as cancer-causing

Agri-Pulse | 
California cannot require companies to place warning labels on glyphosate products, a federal judge affirmed in a ruling issued Tuesday [June 12] ...
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US House committee approves amendment requiring genetically engineered salmon to be labeled

Agri-Pulse | 
The [House Appropriations Committee] ... approved, over a handful of objections, an amendment that would subject genetically engineered salmon to ...
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How should the FDA regulate CRISPR gene-edited animals?

Agri-Pulse | 
Gene editing is touted as a promising new way of altering the DNA of plants or animals to speed their ...
label gmos

Public weighs in on GMO labeling standard

Agri-Pulse | 
To help determine how to implement the GMO labeling law signed into law last year, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service asked ...
diamondback moth

USDA approves first release of GE diamondback moths, in New York cabbage fields

Agri-Pulse | 
A proposal to release genetically engineered diamondback moths in cabbage fields in upstate New York has received a green light ...
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