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CRISPR gene editing could boost crop yields and nutrition, but public acceptance remains wild card

Agweek | 
The process of producing better food, protecting the environment and improving animal health is advancing at a seemingly breakneck pace ...
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Virus-resistant CRISPR pigs could save pork producers $600 million per year

Agri-Pulse | 
To pig farmer Thomas Titus, new scientific techniques could bring better disease resistance for his herd, saving baby pigs and potentially ...
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Farmers, scientists worry anti-GMO activists could stymie CRISPR and other gene-edited crop research

Agri-Pulse | 
[N]ew precision breeding tools are creating such a buzz that some activists suggest techniques like CRISPR Cas9 - which involves ...
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As food companies demand sustainability from suppliers, where will GMOs fit in?

High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal | 
...Increasingly, major food companies are raising the bar over what they consider to be “sustainable” agricultural practices around the globe ...

Are Sygenta Viptera lawsuits appropriate reaction to GMO trade problems? US farmers split

Agri-Pulse | 
Ask just about any farmer leader if they support science and innovation in agriculture and the answer will usually be ...

Obama endorses biotechnology’s important role in agriculture

Agri-Pulse | 
The dedication of Dr. Norman Borlaug's statue in the U.S. Capitol last month brought together an amazing array of Democrats ...