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Bayer may enter plant-based meat market as protein provider for Beyond and Impossible Burgers

Tina Bellon | 
A Bayer executive ... said the company was closely watching the plant-based meat market which has seen booming demand in ...
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Impossible Foods ramps up supply as Burger King plans nationwide GMO plant-based Whopper launch

Jane Lee | 
Plant-based burger maker Impossible Foods on [July 31] announced a partnership with major meat supplier OSI Group, a longtime producer ...
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GMO Impossible Burger soy ingredient that ‘bleeds’ approved by FDA, clearing way for US grocery store sales

Tina Bellon | 
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on [July 31] approved a key ingredient in plant-based burger patties made by Impossible ...
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Bayer scraps launch of Monsanto worm pesticide over safety concerns as glyphosate-cancer legal battle rages

Tom Polansek | 
Bayer AG has scrapped plans for wide sales next year of a chemical that is intended to protect U.S. crops ...
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Glyphosate on trial: Bayer would consider settling all cancer lawsuits on ‘reasonable terms’, as suits now number 18,400

Ludwig Burger | 
Bayer on [July 30] said it would consider settling with U.S. plaintiffs suing over the German group’s Roundup herbicide only ...
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Scientists recruit drones, GMOs and weed-killing robots to help farmers thrive as climate changes

Laurie Goering | 
In decades to come, African farmers may pool their money to buy small robot vehicles to weed their fields or ...
Bayer faces expensive lawsuit in Brazil as more farmers challenge firm's GMO soy patent

Bayer faces expensive lawsuit in Brazil as more farmers challenge firm’s GMO soy patent

Ana Mano | 
Germany’s Bayer AG, which completed the takeover of U.S.-based Monsanto [in 2018], has been dealt a legal blow in Brazil ...
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Bayer trial: Judge cuts ‘excessive, unconstitutional’ $2 billion Monsanto glyphosate-cancer damages to $86.7 million

Tina Bellon | 
A California judge on [July 25] reduced a $2 billion jury verdict, slashing the award for a couple who blamed ...
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Home-field advantage in Missouri trial could boost Bayer’s fortunes in glyphosate-cancer legal battle

Tina Bellon | 
Bayer .... facing an upcoming trial in St. Louis over allegations that its Roundup weed killer causes cancer, has recruited ...
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Bayer lawsuit: Judge cuts punitive damages in glyphosate-cancer case from $75 million to $20 million

Jonathan Stempel | 
A federal judge on [July 15] slashed a damages award Bayer AG owed a California man who blamed Roundup weed ...
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Brazilian farmers sue Bayer to reclaim $151 million in royalties on GMO cotton

Ana Mano | 
Brazilian cotton producers in the state of Mato Grosso on [July 11] sued Bayer AG, seeking to cancel the chemical ...
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Price of lab-grown burger could drop from $280,000 to $10 by 2021

Andrés González, Silke Koltrowitz | 
Lab-grown meat, first introduced to the world six years ago in the form of a $280,000 hamburger, could hit supermarket ...
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Sydney, Australia may end glyphosate use as public opposition to Bayer’s weed killer grows

Sydney’s city council said on [July 5] it was reviewing .... the use of Bayer AG’s Roundup, after other councils ...
Monsanto in Another Huge Lawsuit for Lying About Roundup Cancer Link

Juror in glyphosate-cancer trial urges judge to uphold $80 million verdict appealed by Bayer

Tina Bellon | 
A juror who was part of a panel that delivered an $80 million award against Bayer AG after finding that ...
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Austria could be first EU state to prohibit glyphosate use as weed killer ban advances through parliament

Francois Murphy | 
Austria’s lower house of parliament passed a bill on [July 2] banning all uses of the weedkiller glyphosate, the first ...

Under shareholder pressure, Bayer hires law firm to initiate ‘radical overhaul’ of glyphosate litigation strategy

Edward Taylor | 
Chemicals giant Bayer, under pressure from activist shareholders, said on [June 26] it has hired an external lawyer to advise ...
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Bayer asks judge to overturn $2 billion glyphosate-cancer verdict based on ‘inflammatory, fabricated evidence’

Tina Bellon | 
Bayer AG has asked a California judge to overrule a $2 billion verdict by jurors who found the company’s glyphosate-based ...

Facing escalating legal costs defending Monsanto’s Roundup, Bayer invests $5.6 billion in alternative herbicide research

Douglas Busvine, Ludwig Burger | 
Germany's Bayer sought to repair its reputation on [June 14] after damage caused by U.S. litigation over claims its glyphosate ...
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President Trump signs executive order that aims to streamline approvals for gene-edited and GMO crops, animals

Roberta Rampton | 
U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order on [June 11] directing federal agencies to streamline the review process for ...
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10% of India’s 12.2 million cotton hectares came from illegal GMO seeds in 2018

Rajendra Jadhav | 
A farm group said its members had planted a variety of genetically modified cotton seeds which have not been approved ...
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Almost 10% of French farms now organic, as switch from conventional hits new record

Gus Trompiz | 
A record number of French farms switched to organic production [2018], helped by the grains sector catching on to the ...

German sugar beet planting drops nearly 3% following neonicotinoid insecticide ban

Michael Hogan | 
German farmers are estimated to have reduced sugar beet sowings by 2.8 percent to about 379,000 hectares for the 2019 ...
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Following US and Argentina, Brazil approves drought-tolerant, herbicide-resistant soybean

Ana Mano | 
Brazil’s bio-security agency CTNBio has approved a new soybean seed that combines technologies to make it resistant to drought and ...
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Monsanto ‘abused’ market dominance in India to inflate GMO seed prices, investigators say

Aditya Kalra | 
A probe by the investigations unit of India’s antitrust body has found that Monsanto abused its dominant position as a ...
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Bayer trial: Judge picks high-profile attorney Ken Feinberg to mediate Roundup-cancer settlement negotiations

Tina Bellon | 
A U.S. judge overseeing Roundup-cancer lawsuits against Bayer AG provisionally appointed high-profile mediator Ken Feinberg to lead settlement negotiations over ...
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Bayer hires law firm to probe Monsanto’s Europe-wide data collection on pesticide regulators, journalists

Tassilo Hummel | 
Bayer on [May 21] hired law firm Sidley Austin to investigate a Europe-wide data collection scheme run by its Monsanto ...

UK biotech firm Genus seeks approval to sell virus-resistant CRISPR pigs in China, world’s biggest pork market

Dominique Patton | 
British livestock genetics firm Genus agreed on [May 16] to license its know-how on virus-resistant pigs to Beijing Capital Agribusiness ...
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What might be Bayer’s defense if one of the glyphosate cancer verdicts end up at the Supreme Court?

Tina Bellon | 
Bayer AG plans to argue that a $2 billion jury award and thousands of U.S. lawsuits claiming its glyphosate-based weed ...