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Biotech startups race against 'Big Ag' to develop gene-edited crops

Biotech startups race against ‘Big Ag’ to develop gene-edited crops

Rod Nickel | 
Calyxt Inc, an eight-year-old firm co-founded by a genetics professor, altered the genes of a soybean plant to produce healthier ...

Brazil’s public health agency will appeal judge’s nationwide suspension of glyphosate

Ana Mano | 
Brazil-based agrochemical companies plan to appeal a ruling suspending the use of best-selling weed killer glyphosate .... an industry spokeswoman ...
roundup spray 222888444

Monsanto Roundup trial: First lawsuit alleging glyphosate-cancer link goes to jury

Tina Bellon | 
A trial in which a school groundskeeper alleged that his use of Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer caused his terminal cancer ...

FDA approves sugar made from Brazil’s first Bt sugarcane variety

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded that it is safe to consume sugar produced from the genetically ...

Brazilian judge suspends glyphosate use, citing concerns about herbicide’s toxicity

Jake Spring | 
A Brazilian judge has suspended the use of products containing the agrochemical glyphosate, a widely employed herbicide for soy and ...

European court appears poised to rule that gene edited crops should not be regulated as GMOs

Ben Hirschler | 
Gene editing in agriculture takes centre stage [July 25th] when Europe’s highest court rules in a case that could determine ...
China GMO import 32277

China poised to approve more GMO crops as influential board meets

Dominique Patton | 
An influential Chinese scientific advisory board on genetically modified crops met last week for the first time in a year, ...
Brazilian Farmer43434

‘We just want to survive better’: Brazilian natives fined $33 million for growing GMO crops banned on reservations

The savannah scrubland where Chief João Ponce once hunted deer and wild boar in Brazil has given way to neat ...
India herbicide cotton GMO 32772

Why isn’t India’s government arresting farmers using unapproved herbicide-tolerant GMO cotton seeds?

Rajendra Jadhav | 
Many Indian farmers are openly sowing an unapproved variety of genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds developed by Monsanto, as the ...
Brazil GMO 3237

Brazilian government fines native communities for growing GMO crops

Anthony Boadle | 
The savannah scrubland where Chief João Ponce once hunted deer and wild boar in Brazil has given way to neat ...
China GMO 327732

China’s delays in GMO crop approvals cost US economy $7 billion, biotech industry group says

Tom Polansek | 
Delays in Chinese approvals of imported genetically modified crops have cut U.S. gross domestic product by about $7 billion over ...
us china trade 38238

US wants China to import more GMO crops as part of trade deal

Tom Polansek, Dominique Patton | 
The United States is seeking better access for imports of genetically modified crops into China as part of a trade ...
ecorobotix 832237

Will weed-zapping AI robots disrupt market for herbicides and GMO seeds?

Tom Polansek, Ludwig Burger | 
In a field of sugar beet in Switzerland, a solar-powered robot that looks like a table on wheels scans the ...
GMO corn china 38237

Chinese corn buyers switching from US to Ukraine due to GMO restrictions, trade tensions

Dominique Patton, Hallie Gu | 
China’s purchases of U.S. corn have slowed significantly due to worries the grain might be drawn into the trade spat ...
Monsanto India cotton 382388

Monsanto appeals court ruling stripping its rights to GMO Bt cotton patent in India

Mayank Bhardwaj | 
Monsanto Co has appealed to India’s Supreme Court against a ruling by the Delhi High Court which decreed [in April] ...
Monsanto dicamba herbicide 372237

Monsanto launches product that deactivates dicamba herbicide in spraying equipment

Tom Polansek | 
Monsanto Co is launching the first product that deactivates a controversial weed killer inside spraying equipment after it is used, ...
Battling malaria: Bill Gates backs gene editing of mosquitoes, acknowledges ethical concerns

Battling malaria: Bill Gates backs gene editing of mosquitoes, acknowledges ethical concerns

Kate Kelland | 
Gene-editing technologies that alter mosquitoes’ DNA could prove critical in the fight against malaria, Bill Gates said on [April 18], ...
Germany glyphosate 43277

Germany planning ‘massive restrictions’ on glyphosate herbicide use in agriculture

German Agriculture Minister Julia Kloeckner on [April 17] said she was finalizing a draft regulation to end use of the ...
Chinese scientist GMO rice 43278

Caught stealing GMO seeds, Chinese scientist gets 10 years in US prison

A Chinese scientist in Kansas was sentenced on Wednesday [April 4] to more than 10 years in a federal prison ...
Monsanto to fund gene editing company Pairwise Plants to develop new crop varieties

Monsanto to fund gene editing company Pairwise Plants to develop new crop varieties

Tom Polansek | 
Monsanto Co. will fund a new U.S. company that aims to develop crops using technology known as gene editing, rather ...
india cotton seed companies 43827

Indian seed companies threaten to halt supply of GMO Bt insect-resistant cotton seeds over price cut

Indian seed companies threatened ... to halt supplies to 8 million cotton farmers in protest against a potential government plan ...
Bayer's takeover of Monsanto conditionally approved in China

Bayer’s takeover of Monsanto conditionally approved in China

Bayer’s on [March 13] secured conditional approval from China’s commerce ministry for its planned acquisition of the world No. 1 seed ...
WHO's IARC cancer agency under fire for 'underplaying' risks of benzene

WHO’s IARC cancer agency under fire for ‘underplaying’ risks of benzene

Kate Kelland | 
Emails from its own scientists show the International Agency for Research on Cancer failed to comprehensively review evidence on human ...
Brazil sugarcane 43727

First GMO sugarcane planted in Brazil

José Gomes | 
Brazilian sugar mills looking to grow the world’s first variety of genetically modified (GM) sugarcane have planted an initial area ...
Burkina Faso GMO cotton 4327

Bayer-Monsanto merger stalls Burkina Faso’s GMO cotton plans

Joe Bavier | 
Talks with Bayer to reintroduce genetically modified (GM) cotton in Burkina Faso are on hold pending the German drug and ...
speed breeding 34823

Video: NASA-inspired ‘speed breeding’ tricks crops into growing faster

Edward Baran | 
Australian scientists, inspired by NASA space experiments, have pioneered a new method of growing crops - known as 'speed breeding' ...
chickpeas 23478

Wild relatives could help staple crops like chickpeas adapt to climate change

Thin Win | 
They are nutritious, versatile and a dietary staple for millions of people from South Asia to Ethiopia, but scientists have ...
argentina gmo soybean seed 84327

Argentine farmers reverse course, agree to pay royalties for GMO seeds

Maximiliano Rizzi | 
Argentine farmers have agreed to pay perpetual royalties when they replant genetically modified seeds made by companies like Monsanto Co, ...