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france roundup

France enacts more glyphosate weedkiller restrictions as it moves toward full ‘phase out’ by 2021

Gus Trompiz | 
France’s health and environment agency announced restrictions on weedkiller glyphosate in farming, but stopped short of a full ban in ...
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Biotech milestone: Argentina could be first nation to approve GM drought-tolerant wheat

Maximilian Heath | 
The Argentine government will approve drought-tolerant transgenic wheat variety HB4 from biotechnology company Bioceres, according to an official resolution to ...
usda guts organic standards

Fraud investigation reveals 3-continent-wide organic fruit trading ‘scam’

Dave Sherwood | 
In January 2017, Chilean customs inspectors acted on a tip from a whistleblower: The country's prized crop of raspberries was ...
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Bayer settles 45,000 of 125,000 glyphosate-cancer suits, bringing litigation closer to $11 billion end

Tom Hals | 
Attorneys for Bayer AG and consumers suing the company over allegations its Roundup weedkiller caused cancer told a judge on ...
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What’s behind mask wearing rejectionism: Individualism vs collectivism

Kate Kelland, Megan Revell | 
Rule-breaking is not a new phenomenon, but behavioural scientists say it is being exacerbated in the coronavirus pandemic by cultural, ...

GMO barley could help produce key lab-grown meat ingredient

Thin Lei Win | 
Using abundant geothermal waters for heating and volcanic ash instead of soil, biotech company ORF Genetics is growing barley [in ...

Anti-glyphosate cancer plaintiff attorney gets two-year prison sentence for $200 million extortion scheme

David Thomas | 
A federal judge on [September 18] sentenced Virginia attorney Timothy Litzenburg, 38, to two years in prison for attempting to ...

Neonicotinoid insecticide ban, dry weather threaten Europe’s ‘fragile’ sugar industry

The European Union is heading for a significant drop in sugar output this year after fields were devastated by pests ...
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Could COVID evolve into a milder version?

Aradhana Aravindan | 
Researchers in Singapore have discovered a new variant of the COVID-19 coronavirus that causes milder infections, according to a study ...
roundup monsanto bayer merger

Bayer appeals $20.5 million glyphosate-cancer verdict to California Supreme Court

Tom Hals | 
Bayer AG has asked California’s Supreme Court to review a decision awarding $20.5 million to a groundskeeper who claimed the ...
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Deaths in less developed countries set to surge from malaria, HIV and TB linked to COVID-19 disruptions

Over the next five years, deaths from [HIV, tuberculosis and malaria] could rise by as much as 10%, 20% and ...
Would you volunteer to get intentionally infected with COVID?

Would you volunteer to get intentionally infected with COVID?

Julie Steenhuysen | 
U.S. government scientists have begun efforts to manufacture a strain of the novel coronavirus that could be used in human ...
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Star Wars inspired ‘electronic artificial skin’ can restore the sense of touch for prosthetic users

Joseph Campbell | 
[A] device, dubbed ACES, or Asynchronous Coded Electronic Skin, is made up of 100 small sensors and is about 1 ...

Following ‘ministerial spat’ over glyphosate, Mexico will phase out weedkiller by end of 2024

Adriana Barrera, Dave Graham | 
Mexico will gradually phase out use of the herbicide glyphosate by the time the current administration ends in late 2024, ...
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Bayer appeals $265 million dicamba weedkiller verdict, alleging damage to Missouri peach farm exaggerated

Tom Polansek | 
Bayer AG sent a private investigator [in July] to evaluate the business of a U.S. peach grower who won a ...

Bayer launches carbon capture program to support ‘eco-friendly’ farming

Karl Plume | 
Bayer AG launched a pilot program in the United States and Brazil on [July 21] that will pay farmers for ...
Screen Shot at PM

Bayer loses first glyphosate-cancer appeal, but court cuts damages by 74 percent to $20.5 million

Jonathan Stempel, Tina Bellon | 
Bayer AG failed to persuade a California appeals court to overturn a verdict favoring a school groundskeeper who claimed its ...
nba basketball coronavirus

NBA doctors worry about long term heart damage to players who get the coronavirus

“What if a 24-year-old catches [COVID-19] in Orlando and, in 14 days, he quarantines and is fine, but then he ...
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Colombia aims to restart aerial glyphosate spraying of coca crops under pressure from US

Luis Acosta, Oliver Griffin | 
Alhough coca crop size fell 9% in 2019 to the lowest level in six years, the capacity to produce cocaine ...