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Bayer appeals $265 million dicamba weedkiller verdict, alleging damage to Missouri peach farm exaggerated

Reuters | 
Bayer AG sent a private investigator [in July] to evaluate the business of a U.S. peach grower who won a ...
Monsanto Supreme Court Seed Dispute

Farmers running ‘unprecedented race’ to secure fertilizer, seeds and pesticides amid coronavirus outbreak

Reuters | 
North America’s biggest farm suppliers are accelerating shipments of fertilizer, seeds and agricultural chemicals to crop-growing regions in an unprecedented ...

Soybean damage caused by Bayer’s drift-prone dicamba herbicide spurs farmers to use competing GMO seeds, weedkillers

Reuters | 
Bayer AG’s takeover of Monsanto has been beset by problems, and now a decades-long dominance of the $4 billion U.S ...
is red meat bad for you or good x feature

Cargill preps for April launch of plant-based burger to compete with Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat

Cargill Inc will launch plant-based hamburger patties and ground “fake meat” products in April, the company said on [Feb. 24], ...
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Bayer scraps launch of Monsanto worm pesticide over safety concerns as glyphosate-cancer legal battle rages

Reuters | 
Bayer AG has scrapped plans for wide sales next year of a chemical that is intended to protect U.S. crops ...
ban stop roundup

USDA: Vietnam’s glyphosate ban ‘devastating’ to global agricultural production

Reuters | 
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue on [April 11] criticized Vietnam’s move to ban imports of glyphosate herbicide [Bayer's Roundup], ...
illinois soybean high yield value

US farmers to plant new biotech soybeans as DowDuPont receives final international regulatory approval

Reuters | 
DowDuPont Inc has won the final international regulatory approval needed, from the Philippines, for a global launch of a new ...

Slow-moving bureaucracy in the Philippines could block launch of new GMO soybeans in US, Canada

Reuters | 
A Philippines regulator poses an unexpected obstacle to DowDuPont’s launch of a new line of genetically engineered soybeans in the ...

China’s delays in GMO crop approvals cost US economy $7 billion, biotech industry group says

Reuters | 
Delays in Chinese approvals of imported genetically modified crops have cut U.S. gross domestic product by about $7 billion over ...
trade wars

US wants China to import more GMO crops as part of trade deal

Reuters | 
The United States is seeking better access for imports of genetically modified crops into China as part of a trade ...

Will weed-zapping AI robots disrupt market for herbicides and GMO seeds?

Reuters | 
In a field of sugar beet in Switzerland, a solar-powered robot that looks like a table on wheels scans the ...

Monsanto launches product that deactivates dicamba herbicide in spraying equipment

Reuters | 
Monsanto Co is launching the first product that deactivates a controversial weed killer inside spraying equipment after it is used, ...
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Monsanto to fund gene editing company Pairwise Plants to develop new crop varieties

Reuters | 
Monsanto Co. will fund a new U.S. company that aims to develop crops using technology known as gene editing, rather ...
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Monsanto rolls out cash incentive for farmers who use controversial dicamba herbicide

Reuters | 
Monsanto Co will give cash back to U.S. farmers who buy a weed killer that has been linked to widespread ...
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Monsanto, farmers groups sue California claiming glyphosate cancer warning would be ‘false speech’

Reuters | 
Monsanto Co and U.S. farm groups sued California on Wednesday [Nov. 15] to stop the state from requiring cancer warnings ...
soy bean

Dow to sell new variety of GMO soy seeds in US despite no import approval from Europe, China

Reuters | 
Dow AgroSciences will launch a genetically engineered soybean seed that has been barred by major importers under tight controls in ...
Norsworthy e

Many weed scientists reject summit with Monsanto to discuss mounting dicamba herbicide crisis

Reuters | 
Monsanto Co. invited dozens of weed scientists to a summit this week to win backing for a controversial herbicide but ...

Monsanto pushes back against Arkansas’ proposed dicamba herbicide restrictions

Reuters | 
Monsanto Co filed a petition on Thursday [September 7] asking Arkansas agricultural officials to reject a proposed date next year ...

EPA mulling 2018 partial ban on dicamba spraying because of drift concerns

Reuters | 
The U.S. environmental agency is considering banning sprayings of the agricultural herbicide dicamba after a set deadline next year, according ...

Dicamba fiasco: Are Monsanto’s labels too restrictive and confusing for farmers?

Reuters | 
Dicamba, sold under different brand names by BASF and DuPont, can vaporize under certain conditions and the wind can blow ...
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China agrees to evaluate 8 GMO crops in trade deal with US, ending long delay

Reuters | 
China's promise to evaluate eight varieties of U.S. genetically modified crops by the end of [May 2017] under a trade ...

Chinese scientist convicted of stealing GMO rice seeds from Kansas research facility

Reuters | 
A federal jury on [Feb. 16, 2017] convicted a Chinese scientist in Kansas of conspiring to steal samples of a ...
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Chinese biotech firm testing insect resistant, herbicide tolerant GMO corn in US greenhouse

Reuters | 
A Chinese biotech seed firm has planted genetically modified corn seeds in the United States at a greenhouse designated by ...
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Stine Seed expands pilot program allowing farmers to save, replant GMO soy seeds

Reuters | 
Major producers of genetically modified seeds, including Monsanto Co and Bayer AG, have long barred U.S. farmers from saving seeds ...

Syngenta expects Chinese to OK GM corn embroiled in lawsuits

Reuters | 
Syngenta AG expects to win Chinese government approval soon for imports of a type of genetically modified corn at the ...

More farmers sue Syngenta, political flap over sales of GMO corn to China that it had not approved escalates

Reuters | 
Farmers from the biggest U.S. corn-growing states have sued Syngenta AG over sales of genetically modified corn seed not approved ...

Syngenta halts sales of new GMO corn seed in Canada

Reuters | 
Syngenta AG said on Monday it had halted commercial sales in Canada of corn seed containing a new and controversial genetically ...

Syngenta-China rift over popular rootworm-resistant GM corn deepens

Reuters | 
Syngenta AG, under pressure from U.S. grain exporters to suspend sales of seeds containing a new genetically modified corn trait that ...
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