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France bans 36 glyphosate weed killers, citing products’ potential to damage DNA

Reuters | 
French health and environment agency ANSES said on [Dec. 9] it was banning glyphosate-based weedkillers that represent most of the ...

Neonicotinoid insecticide ban, bad weather could cut Europe’s already slumping sugar beet yields

Reuters | 
Farmers in western Europe have begun sugar beet planting, with first indications pointing to a drop in area for the ...
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European farmers dig up thousands of hectares of crops following detection of banned GMO canola seeds

Reuters | 
Bayer said on [February 6] that farmers in France and Germany were digging up thousands of hectares of rapeseed [canola] ...
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French farmers: 3 years too short to develop viable replacement for glyphosate herbicide

Reuters | 
President Emmanuel Macron’s promise to rid France of controversial weedkiller glyphosate within three years has left some farmers in the ...
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French farmers protest government’s opposition to extension of EU’s glyphosate herbicide license

Reuters | 
Prime Minister Edouard Philippe reiterated Paris would vote against the European Commission’s proposal to extend for 10 years the license ...

Europe’s GMO production likely to grow despite many EU nations opting out of GMO cultivation

Reuters | 
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France plans to restore GMO crop ban

Reuters | 
France has launched a move to restore a ban on genetically modified (GMO) maize annulled by its top court to prevent ...