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Infographic: What the US public thinks about tinkering with human genetics

Big Think | 
The Pew Research Center published a fascinating roundup of studies that revealed the opinions of the U.S. public on a ...

Boltzmann brain: You may be living in your own simulated reality

Big Think | 
The paradox of the Boltzmann Brain can really pull the rug from under you if you follow it to all ...
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CRISPR can fix gene that causes intellectual impairment in men–fragile X syndrome

Big Think | 
The fragile X syndrome is the most common form of intellectual impairment in men, affecting 1 out of 3,600 boys. Now, scientists ...
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Brain damage may spur extreme religious fundamentalism, study finds

Big Think | 
Scientists found that damage in a certain part of the brain is linked to an increase in religious fundamentalism. In ...