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11 things to know about genetic engineering, including how it’s helping us fight disease

Christopher McFadden | 
What are some interesting facts about genetic engineering, and why it is important? … Genetically engineered things are actually all ...

11 GMO, gene-edited animals and plants that will help us battle hunger and disease

Chris Young | 
The Genetic modification of foods, organisms, and animals, is very controversial, for quite obvious reasons. And yet, the practice has ...

Something you want to forget? CRISPR could be used to ‘delete’ traumatic memories

Loukia Papadopoulos | 
Good memories give us a sensation of warmth and hope for better times, but bad memories can cause serious trauma ...
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Answering key questions about CRISPR gene therapies

Christopher McFadden | 
What is gene editing?  Genome editing (also known as gene editing) is a group of technologies that provide scientists with ...
Vet and cows x

From prosthetic limbs to lab-grown meat, technology can drastically improve animal welfare

John Loeffler | 
While it's easy to think about all the ways technology has benefited humans, major technological advances have improved the lives ...