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Persistence and perspiration: How sweating allowed humans to dominate other species

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Millions of years ago, digestion consumed most of the calories we ate. These days, our brain takes 20 times more energy than ...
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Price of evolution? Schizophrenia linked to development of complex brains

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Schizophrenia affects only about 1% of the US population. The condition is typified by confused thoughts and speech, delusions and hallucinations. Symptoms ...

Video: Ancient virus could explain how human memories are formed

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The particulars surrounding how our memory works has baffled neuroscientists for decades. Turns out, it’s a very sophisticated process involving ...
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Lucid dreaming linked to higher creativity

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Have you ever had a dream so real, you mistook it for reality? This is a state called lucid dreaming ...

Why human-like robots are creepy

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The robot revolution is on the horizon...One report says that they’ll be commonplace by 2025. In another case, a professor claims ...
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Feeling blue? Depression may have offered evolutionary advantage to our ancestors

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Depressive symptoms have been found in every culture on Earth and throughout history...Unlike other psychiatric disorders, which are rare, depression ...
Alzheimers brain

Vaccine may soon help patients fight Alzheimer’s (along with some red wine)

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Five million people in the US today struggle with Alzheimer’s...and approximately 47 million globally are stricken, this being the most ...
Biohazard Suit Hazmat Earth Gas Mask

Pentagon wants to develop ‘safe genes’ to stop biohackers from making weapons with CRISPR

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[T]he Pentagon is moving to...find a “safe course” to rein [gene editing technology] in. But it will be a difficult balancing ...
telomere quadruplex

Researchers may have found key to cancer cure in four-strand DNA

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One problem with cancer treatments today is that they attack all cells indiscriminately. Chemotherapy for instance, hurts healthy cells and ...

Creation of first synthetic genome may lead us closer to superhumans

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[G]eneticists are now getting ever closer to, not just removing and replacing genes, but rewriting entire genomes...[G]eneticists at Harvard recently ...

Stanford biomedical ethics chair predicts end of reproductive sex

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