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Tarsil workers

Genetics of ‘race’ unequivocal, only seems controversial because post-modernists, PC media dissimulate

Unz Review | 
Nicholas Wade’s "A Troublesome Inheritance" has come under attack in some circles because it acknowledges what is an unarguable fact ...
pic giant Heritage Was Wrong

Jason Richwine affair raises prickly policy issues on IQ

American Conservative | 
The firing of Jason Richwine from the Heritage Foundation for his controversial 2009 thesis on race and IQ reflects poorly ...

Gay germ censorship

American Conservative | 
The following is an excerpt. The notion of a Gay Germ—homosexuality transmitted as some sort of infection—probably horrifies many mainstream ...
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The great gay showdown: Genes vs. germs

American Conservative | 
Ron Unz, former businessman and conservative political activist, blasts through two rival explanations for homosexuality: the Gay Gene hypothesis and ...

Chinese eugenics?

American Conservative | 
The following is an excerpt. In modern American society, few terms carry the negative and socially disreputable ring of “eugenics,” ...
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Meritocracy: How social Darwinism made modern China

American Conservative | 
What role does DNA play in nation building? Can hundreds of years of natural selection provide the genetic basis for ...

Racial quotas, Harvard, and the legacy of Bakke

National Review | 
The following is an excerpt. For almost 35 years, college-admissions decisions in America have been governed by the continuing legacy ...
human brain

Race and intelligence

American Conservative | 
There is no more explosive issue in human genetics than the issue of race and IQ. Ron Unz, a leading ...