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Jason Richwine affair raises prickly policy issues on IQ

| May 15, 2013

The following is an editorial summary.

Jason Richwine, the young conservative scholar who co-authored the Heritage Foundation report on the long-term $6 trillion cost of the immigration reform bill has been fired by the Heritage Foundation after reports surfaced that his 2009 doctoral dissertation touched a third rail of public discourse: race and IQ. Richwine’s controversial thesis: Intelligence tests fairly measure mental ability; The average IQ of Hispanic immigrants is well below that of white Americans; This difference is likely to persist. American Conservative publisher Ron Unz explains why he believes Richwine’s thesis conclusions are wrong … but why this purge reflects poorly on our country and our ability to discuss prickly policy issues.

View the full story here: Race/IQ: The Jason Richwine Affair

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