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CRISPR gene editing could save pigs from devastating disease

Discover | 
As flu season rears its ugly head, humans aren’t the only ones on the virus’ warpath. Pigs are also vulnerable ...
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Could pre-pregnancy genetic screening help with difficult child-bearing decisions?

Science | 
Pregnancy comes with many unknowns. Perhaps one of the most harrowing is whether a child will be born healthy. Now, ...
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Can ‘gene drives’ for crop pests work in the real world?

Science | 
The spotted wing fruit fly is one of the world’s major crop destroyers. Scientifically known as Drosophila suzukii, this peppercorn-size insect ...
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Why did 5 leukemia patients die in 2016 CAR-T trial?

Science | 
More than a year after five leukemia patients died from an experimental treatment involving genetically engineered immune cells, its developer ...