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Getting past the coronavirus: ‘A road map to reopening’ by the American Enterprise Institute

American Enterprise Institute | 
Executive Summary This report provides a road map for navigating through the current COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. It ...

Viewpoint: Coronavirus testing, treatment key to ending national lockdowns

Wall Street Journal | 
First, the bad news: America’s coronavirus epidemic is only beginning, and the suffering will become more searing over the next ...
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Would price controls hamper research on gene therapy and other innovative treatments?

Wall Street Journal | 
Over the next decade, it is a near certainty that we will have gene-therapy cures for deadly inherited disorders such ...

FDA announces controversial ‘risk-based’ rules for CRISPR-edited animal technology

Food and Drug Administration | 
Novel biotechnology, like genome editing, holds tremendous potential to improve animal health, enhance farm productivity, improve nutrition, and even reduce ...
US FDA: Gene-edited crops can have many advantages for consumers

US FDA: Gene-edited crops can have many advantages for consumers

Food and Drug Administration | 
Scientific advances in biotechnology, such as genome editing and synthetic biology, hold enormous potential to improve human and animal health, ...

FDA seeks to regulate your cells

AEI | 
A recent decision by a federal trial court gave the Food and Drug Administration the latitude that the agency has ...