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The delta COVID variant is now in almost 100 countries. Who is most vulnerable?

The delta COVID variant is now in almost 100 countries. Who is most vulnerable?

Berkeley Lovelace Jr. | 
The highly contagious delta variant is the fastest and fittest coronavirus strain yet, and it will “pick off” the most ...
The delta COVID variant originally identified in India is not only more transmissible — it causes different symptoms than earlier strains

The delta COVID variant originally identified in India is not only more transmissible — it causes different symptoms than earlier strains

Holly Ellyatt | 
Scientists have warned that the data suggests the delta variant is around 60% more transmissible than the “alpha” variant (previously ...
Vaccine passports: A threat to our freedom or a grudgingly acceptable health precaution?

Vaccine passports: A threat to our freedom or a grudgingly acceptable health precaution?

Sam Meredith | 
The U.S., U.K. and European Union are among those considering whether to introduce a digital passport that will allow citizens ...
covid genes

30+ genes identified that could protect us from COVID, opening door to gene therapy prevention solutions

Lori Ioannou | 
The goal was two-fold: to identify the genes that make human cells more resistant to SARS-CoV-2 virus; and test existing ...
antibody test rolled out abbott us

Abbott expects to ship 90 million coronavirus antibody tests over next two months after FDA grants emergency approval

Berkeley Lovelace Jr. | 
The Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization for Abbott Laboratories’ new coronavirus test that detects Covid-19 antibodies.... Abbott ...

Impossible Foods touts eco-benefits of its GMO plant-based burger to win over skeptical consumers

Dan Gluck | 
Impossible Foods has claimed a spot on the menus of fast-food chains like Restaurant Brands International’s Burger King and White ...
screenshot impossible foods

Video: Impossible Foods hits back at Super Bowl ad alleging plant-based beef contains laxative

Sully Barrett | 
The Center for Consumer Freedom ran a Super Bowl commercial alleging that plant-based meat alternatives are not as healthy as ...
China may balk at announced purchase of $50 billion in US crops

China may balk at announced purchase of $50 billion in US crops

Weizhen Tan | 
China ramping up agricultural purchases to the level that the U.S. is demanding would be a problem and Beijing would ...

New investment rules would limit shareholder advocacy attempts to influence company stance on GMOs, climate change

Ganesh Setty | 
The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission formally proposed a new rule on [November 6] that could make it harder for ...
unnamed file

Hormel, Kellogg launch ‘non-GMO’ plant-based meats to compete with Beyond, Impossible

Jasmine Wu | 
Hormel said [September 4] it will launch its own plant-based meat brand, following Kellogg’s announcement of a similar addition to ...
impossible burger

Plant-based Impossible, Beyond burgers will help wean consumers off meat, Whole Foods CEO says

Jade Scipioni | 
In 2013, Whole Foods gave plant-based meat start-up Beyond Meat its first shot at selling its vegan “chicken” strips at ...
new taste product e

Dessert of the future? This $20 a pint ice cream made with GMO yeast sells out in hours

Jade Scipioni | 
Agri-tech start-up Perfect Day released a line of real ice cream made with lab-grown dairy that costs $20 a pint ...
proxy duckduckgo com

Impossible Foods vs. Beyond Meat: Arms race to control booming plant-based burger market is on

Riley de Leon | 
Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are served in almost 20,000 restaurants across the country, and the list of restaurant chains ...
trade wars

China’s lengthy GMO crop approval process cuts US agriculture profits $5 billion over five years

Jeff Daniels | 
China’s approval process for biotech crops is beset by regulatory hurdles and delays that have cost U.S. companies billions of ...
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Billionaire investors led by Bill Gates back biotech start-up Ginkgo Bioworks to expand plant-based meat industry

Amelia Lucas | 
As demand for plant-based food like fake burgers heats up, biotech start-up Ginkgo Bioworks is launching a venture to bring ...
what is gelatin made of main x c

Synthetic, animal-free collagen could produce candy, shampoo and lotions of the future

Waverly Colville | 
Geltor, based in San Leandro, California, produces the protein collagen without animals. Collagen is found in a variety of foods, ...

5 things to fear from artificial intelligence in the future

Ryan Browne | 
CNBC spoke with some experts to see what they think are the five scariest potential future scenarios for AI. A common ...
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Synthetic biology startup Ginkgo Bioworks wants to print ‘designer’ DNA

Andrew Zaleski | 
Over the last several years, Ginkgo [Bioworks] has developed an automated process for combining genetic parts that has made it ...

Indigo Agriculture’s microbial seed treatments aim to replace synthetic pesticides

Lora Kolodny | 
Indigo Agriculture CEO David Perry grew up raising corn and cows on his family's farm in Arkansas. While he wasn't the ...

Harvard’s George Church targets consumer genetic testing market, offering royalties for users

Eric Rosenbaum | 
Harvard University genetics guru George Church — one of the scientists at the forefront of the CRISPR genetic engineering revolution ...
genetherapy x

What’s the excitement over gene therapy?

Christina Farr | 
Gene therapy has been in the news a lot of late as a potential cure for a variety of genetic ...
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Chinese government, Dow Chemical work together to convince public GMO foods safe

Geoff Cutmore, Huileng Tan | 
With a population of 1.4 billion and limited arable land, China is trying hard to convince citizens to accept genetically ...

Cargill under fire: ‘We don’t agree’ GMOs unhealthy; biotech crops ‘key tool for sustainability’

Cheang Ming, Christine Tan | 
Cargill is attempting to satisfy both ends of the spectrum by acknowledging the growing group of people against genetically-modified organisms ...

‘New seed in town’: GM poppies from China exacerbate Afghanistan’s opium problem

Mariam Amini | 
A problem that Afghanistan and international governments have tried to eradicate for decades is only getting worse, and China is ...
happy customer testimonials e

Happy DNA? Yes, but there are likely thousands of gene variants

Arjun Kharpal | 
A human's level of happiness is linked to their genetic makeup, according to a researcher who carried out groundbreaking work ...
Bayer MonsantoMerger

Trump claims credit for Bayer, Monsanto keeping jobs, biotech research in US

Meg Tirrell | 
President-elect Donald Trump met with the chief executives of German chemical giant Bayer and agriculture company Monsanto [during the week of January 10] and discussed ...

Prices for crops in Scotland, Germany could rise if GMOs banned

Luke Graham | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Plans by Scotland, and ...

Plant-breeding solutions such as gene editing could aid California drought

As California farmers grapple with the fourth year of the drought, seed tech giants Monsanto and DuPont's Pioneer are focusing ...
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