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Art based on your DNA

Fast Company | 
Decorating an apartment is all about infusing your space with a sense of you. And what could be more integral ...

Dogs (and humans) might have some of their older sibling’s cells

Popular Science | 
Here's a mystery: A golden retriever gives birth to a litter of puppies. It's not her first birth, and something's ...

Male turkey attractiveness is all in the gene expression

Popular Science | 
For male wild turkeys, reproduction is an all-family effort. Less attractive males often don't get to mate, but they're still ...

Herpes virus explodes its genetic material into host

Popular Science | 
Scientists have long theorized that the herpes virus is so stuffed with genetic material that it explodes its genetic material straight out ...

Researchers suggest language may have evolved earlier than thought

Popular Science | 
Humans and Neanderthals share a common ancestor, likely Homo heidelbergensis, a species we diverged from as many as 400,000 years ago ...