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Does ‘factory farming’ increase our risk of experiencing pandemics?

Vox | 
Some experts have hypothesized that the novel coronavirus made the jump from animals to humans in China’s wet markets, just ...
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‘Unnatural Selection’: Netflix series tackles tough CRISPR issues, including biohacking and editing children’s DNA

Vox | 
Is it ethical to edit your child’s DNA — or your own? Does the answer depend on whether you’re perfectly ...
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Gene drives and other ‘out-of-the-box approaches’ can eradicate malaria by 2050, scientists say

Vox | 
“For too long, malaria eradication has been a distant dream, but now we have evidence that malaria can and should ...

‘Don’t try this at home’: New California law targets biohacking, do-it-yourself CRISPR

Vox | 
California wants to make it clear that tinkering with your own genes is a “don’t try this at home” sort ...
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9 questions about biohacking and the quest to upgrade the human body

Vox | 
As biohacking starts to appear more often in headlines, it’s worth getting clear on some of the fundamentals. Here are ...

Bible and the brain: How did ancient Israelites ‘hear’ God?

Atlantic | 
James Kugel has been spent his entire scholarly career studying the Bible, but some very basic questions about it still ...