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Is life worth living after 75? Why this medical ethicist isn’t a fan of extending the human life span

MIT Technology Review | 
In October 2014, [physician and medical ethicist] Ezekiel Emanuel published an essay in the Atlantic called “Why I Hope to ...
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An argument for why no one should live past 75

MIT Technology Review | 
[Physician Ezekiel] Emanuel vowed to refuse not only heroic medical interventions once he turned 75, but also antibiotics and vaccinations ...
One scientist's quest for an anti-aging drug

One scientist’s quest for an anti-aging drug

MIT Technology Review | 
Judith Campisi has been a leading figure in the biology of aging since the early 1990s, when her research on ...
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Viewpoint: CRISPR-edited tomatoes illustrate our newfound power to ‘transform our food’

Wired | 
LIKE ANY SELF-RESPECTING farmer, Zachary Lippman was grumbling about the weather. Stout, with close-cropped hair and beard, Lippman was standing ...

Saving the Galapagos: Gene drives could help rid invasive pests

Scientific American | 
Eradicating invasive species can be a brutal job. On the island of Floreana, a plan to eliminate the rodents that ...
US Scientists Find That Chemotherapy Boosts Cancer Growth

Will you win the cancer treatment lottery? It’s in the genes

MIT Technology Review | 
[Q]uestions about precision oncology vex doctors, scientists, health insurance companies, and the more than 1.6 million Americans who will receive ...
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Rare mutation could lead to the next blockbuster cholesterol drug

Nature | 
Mutations in a gene called PCSK9 give African Americans extremely low ‘bad cholesterol’ and a 90 percent reduced risk of ...