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New ‘nanotweezers’ can pull material from living cells without causing harm

Bioscription | 
Scientists at the Imperial College London have revealed their creation of a set of nanotweezers that can work on the ...
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Biofortified wheat variety could help stem nutrient deficiency in Africa, Asia

Bioscription | 
Nutrient deficiency in one’s diet is a common problem around the world, where different populations may lack a sufficient source ...

‘Dead CRISPR’ may offer easier way to create stem cells

Bioscription | 
The ability to make stem cells from other cell types has largely been a recent phenomenon. It took a huge ...
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‘Ready and waiting’: Why hasn’t even one vitamin-enriched GMO crop been approved?

Blog | 
[Editor's note: Sterling Ericsson is a biology focused science communicator with a degree in molecular biology.] Traditional artificial breeding methods have been ...
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Biocontainment: Genetic tweak could prevent accidental release of GMO bacteria from labs

A Science Enthusiast | 
When dealing with bacteria in a lab setting, it is often a requirement to ensure that the risk of the ...

Keys to human regeneration in worms and bioelectricity?

A Science Enthusiast | 
[W]ith the advent of gene editing, the ability for humans to make replacement organs will only become more secure in ...

CRISPR primer: A detailed look at its history and varieties

Bioscription | 
The most immediate thing to note is just how widespread CRISPR is as a process used by cellular life. About ...
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How to stop fungi that infect, destroy crops? Target their ‘friends’

A Science Enthusiast | 
By itself, [the pathogenic fungus Rhizoctonia solani] is responsible for the turfgrass disease called brown patch, sheath blight within rice, ...
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Myth busting: RNA from GMO foods won’t alter your genes

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Biotech critics claim ingesting RNA from food like Monsanto’s Bt corn can change the genes of those that eat it ...
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