Articles written for the GLP list the source as Genetic Literacy Project. All other articles were written for the sources noted with excerpts provided by the GLP.
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Foods fortified with nutrient-dense microparticles can help battle ‘hidden hunger,’ study shows

NPR | 
Staple foods and seasonings like flour and salt could be made more nutritious with a new technology that borrows from ...
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Reporter at Mother Jones, usually virulently anti-GMO, declares GMO’s ‘totally safe to eat’

Mother Jones | 
Chipotle announced this week that it will stop serving food made with genetically modified organisms. The company wants you to ...

Monsanto’s next horizon: Big Data

Mother Jones | 
You probably know Monsanto as the world's leading producer of genetically engineered seeds—a global agribusiness giant whose critics accuse it ...

Enter the ‘grolar bear’: Warming habitats means chances for inter-species mating

Nautilus | 
In the last 40 years, the Arctic has warmed by about 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit, more than twice the overall global ...
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