ABC’s Jim Avila launches another fishy food attack

ABC's Avila Launches Fishy Food AttackBeef Magazine (blog)“Avila began his attack on AquaBounty in almost the exact same way that he began his attack last March on BPI's LFTB stating that “critics” call the salmon “frankenfish.” While not as compelling as 'pink slime,' – the name he incessantly used for BPI's ...

Dinner at Jim Avila’s house must be a real party – that is, if Avila himself believes his hysterical food scaremongering. The ABC senior national correspondent has launched job-killing attacks against the beef industry and the poultry industry, and now he’s having a go at the fish.

Avila’s latest bogie-food is a new breed of salmon he worries could cause cancer, and he’s going after the company aspiring to market it. But, as usual with Avila’s reporting, something seems fishy

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