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Bill Nye out of the closet: ‘We should stop genetically modifying crops’

Bill Nye recently did a Q&A with reddit and made some claims about GMOs as part of his promotion of his new book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation. Given that he’s a science communicator with large influence on the public, we should take a close look at what he has to say. Knigel Holmes collected some key quotes:

Genetically engineering food is controversial, as it should be. If you’re asking me, we should stop introducing genes from one species into another, while at the same time taking full advantage of our ability to understand the genome of any organism—plant, animal, or fungus — in order to produce the healthiest, most sustainable food system possible. Here’s why: Although we can know exactly what happens to any organism we modify, we just can’t quite know what will happen to other species in that modified organism’s ecosystem. For me this is a big deal, though some other investigators don’t seem to find it as troubling. What I mean is we can determine with great confidence what will happen to the modified organism, i.e. the corncob, the soybean, the canola bean, the papaya, and the tomato. But, we just cannot be certain what effect a GMO will have on the ecosystem.

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Note: Keith Kloor writing in Discover has some additional quotes from Nye and offers his perspective on Nye’s odd comments atBill Nye Explains Why he is a GMO Skeptic

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