UK farmers worry that deauthorization of glyphosate could impact cereal crop production

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Industry leaders are asking farmers to lobby MEPs for the urgent re-authorisation of glyphosate, warning that its loss would trigger a fall in UK cereal production.

The NFU [National Farmers Union of England and Wales] wants growers to contact their local MEP to tell them the importance of the herbicide on their farm – and the potential consequences if it becomes unavailable.

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It comes ahead of a plenary vote later this month by the European Parliament on whether the European Commission’s proposed re-authorisation of glyphosate should be removed.

The vote, on whether to remove the authorisation pending further analysis of the environmental and human health impacts of the herbicide, is not legally binding.

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However, it will set the tone for the commission’s considerations ahead of a final vote between experts from EU member states.

The NFU is urging MEPs to oppose the resolution.

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A study by farm business consultants Adas . . . said the loss of glyphosate would likely see a decline of production of winter wheat and winter barley by 12% and oilseed rape by 10%.

Loss of availability in the livestock and dairy sectors would result in an inability to tackle invasive and poisonous species such as ragwort in grassland, said Mr Smith.

Read full, original post: Farmers must lobby MEPs to keep glyphosate, says NFU

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