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Talking Biotech: Almost all cheeses are GMOs (but not labeled in Vermont); Kevin Folta on NAS GMO report

| May 31, 2016
Kevin Folta: University of Florida plant geneticist Kevin Folta launched Talking Biotech in 2015.    More details

Chipotle proudly serves it. The Vermont GMO labeling rules exempt it. Still 95 percent of cheese is manufactured from enzymes created through recombinant DNA technology. These GMO-derived enzymes are tremendously beneficial to the process. Young cow stomachs are not needed and the prices are lower because the enzymes are abundant. Levi Gadye is a graduate student in neuroscience and science writer. He recently wrote an article on cheese enzymes in Gizmodo, and joined us in talking about cheese. Kavin Senapathy co-hosts.


In the second part of the podcast I cover the continued FOIA requests for my emails and do a quick review of the National Academies of Science scholarly review of genetic engineering released last week.

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QUICK NOTE: The recording now is different than the original one posted. It turns out that there was a factual error. Our guest stated that dairy cows gave birth to offspring that are “probably immediately euthanized”. After consulting with an expert in animal cooperative extension it was resolved that male and female offspring of dairy cows are raised 12 – 14 months before being moved into beef production. I wanted to follow up on that before posting and forgot. The podcast stands corrected. 

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