NY State PTA proposal to ban GMOs from lunches sends wrong message to low-income parents

The New York State Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has proposed a measure that will require all New York state schools to serve meals free of genetically modified ingredients (or GMOs).

While I applaud parents for taking more interest in their children’s nutritional development … the bad information being promoted by these parents and endorsed by the state’s PTA is … potentially harmful to families—particularly those with modest incomes.

. . . .

…[T]hese resolutions, if adopted, will have significant costs. First, it will mean higher costs to New York’s school lunch program…. Second, it will send a … thoroughly false message to poor parents that non-GMO food is healthier….


In fact, a new study … showed this precise situation is happening…. According to the research, fear-based food tactics used by … activists and some organic food companies create so much worry about affordable produce that some consumers—specifically, the poor—are actually choosing not to buy these healthier items….

. . . .

…As a respected community organization, the PTA owes it to all parents to provide and follow science- and evidence-based information….

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: New York State PTA’s Inane Panic Over GMOs in School Lunches

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