Stem cell clinics accused of promising more than they can deliver, and worse


It’s a nightmare story: Three women pay tens of thousands of dollars to a South Florida clinic for unproven “stem cell therapy,” only to end up blind…critics warn that there’s a large and growing problem with patients being promised revolutionary “stem cell therapy,” only to find they’ve wasted their money—or worse.

Yet clinics around the world offer unregulated procedures, typically using fat cells that are removed from the patient’s body, treated, and injected back into it—the process that blinded the three women in South Florida.

And indeed, the confusion over what we actually can do with stem cells led the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) last year to issue guidelines cautioning researchers against letting their work be misrepresented in the public eye.

Intertwined with that issue, though, is the lack of regulation that allows clinics to exploit patients’ ignorance…Because the procedure extracts cells from the patient’s own body and only puts them through minimal treatment before reinjecting them somewhere else, the FDA does not consider it a drug treatment. It’s outside the agency’s purview.

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