Viewpoint: Anti-GMO activist Doug Gurian-Sherman’s Food Evolution review misrepresents Uganda banana research

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[Editor’s note: Patricia Nanteza is a science communicator at Uganda’s National Banana Research Program. The following is excerpted from her letter to the editor of Food Tank in response to this article.]

I was recently sent a link to Food Tank’s story [by Doug Gurian-Sherman] entitled, “Food Evolution Documentary Supports GMOs, but Not Science”, and after reading it I felt compelled to respond.

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Doug Gurian-Sherman

At the National Banana Research Program (NBRP), we are very excited about the results of our research, “the plants tested 100% resistant to the disease” – Dr. Jerome Kubiriba, head of NBRP says here and I repeat it here. Doug Gurian-Sherman, I hope you heard that, 100 PERCENT RESISTANT. Earlier this year we planted our first multi-location field trial. And earlier this month Uganda finally voted the National Biosafety Bill of 2012 into law. This law will allow Ugandan farmers to finally grow GM crops in their fields.

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Food Evolution is not propaganda. It documents the story of our banana fairly.

Sir, please, stop mudslinging our continent (Africa) and country (Uganda) and [the] ability [of] (scientists). We are only an email away – write to us and get the truth from people living and working this truth – African scientists carrying out this research.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Readers React to GMOs

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