Viewpoint: Earth Day needs a sustainability do-over. It’s devolved into environmental Cassandras prophesying apocalypse, dishing antitechnology dirt and proselytizing for a ‘woke’ agenda

Credit: Jack Gruber/USA Today
Credit: Jack Gruber/USA Today

Sadly, today’s Earth Day shares something with the current political environment: It reeks of divisiveness.

Earth Day has devolved into an occasion for environmental Cassandras to prophesy apocalypse, dish antitechnology dirt, and proselytize for a “woke” agenda. Passion and zeal routinely trump science, and provability takes a back seat to plausibility.

Many of those stumping for Earth Day on April 22 will oppose environment-friendly advances in science and technology, such as agricultural biotechnology, fracking, and nuclear power.

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One of the event topics will be “regenerative agriculture,” another favorite term of the environmentally “woke.” As Andrew Porterfield and Jon Entine of the Genetic Literacy Project have written, “it’s a lot like a rebranding of organic farming but with more grandiose claims … Its supporters in the organic community make a multitude of immodest representations about what organic/regenerative agriculture can do, including ‘reversing global warming’ and ‘ending world hunger,’ along with preserving the world’s topsoil.”


The reality is that it and its sibling, “agroecology,” promote reliance on primitive, low-yielding agricultural techniques the use of which raises food prices and disadvantages the poor.

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