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gluten sensibility b

CRISPR-edited wheat resists humidity damage, could yield higher quality flour

Masatoshi Toda | 
Scientists have created a rain-resistant wheat variety using genome-editing technology, a breakthrough that could lead to the development of higher-quality ...
4-30-2019 embryo x

Japanese researchers gain approval for ‘basic research’ on gene-edited human embryos

Keitaro Fukuchi | 
A government research panel specializing in life ethics approved the modification of genes from fertilized human eggs for basic research ...

Japanese genetically altering rice varieties that could address climate change effects, allergies

Akira Uchida | 
Japanese research institutes are leading the world in developing new strains of rice that are capable of withstanding drought, disease, ...

Kyoto researchers develop DNA software that can halt fish fraud

Nobutaro Kaji | 
A group of researchers at Kyoto University has developed DNA barcoding software that can prevent the fraudulent mislabeling of farm ...