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Being an egg donor or surrogate carries costs

Jennifer Lahl | 
It almost always starts with an emotional story: an infertile couple trying desperately to conceive; a woman diagnosed with cancer, ...
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Does IVC cause more cancer in children or not?

Jennifer Lahl | 
The short answer is we don’t know. But another news story is out on a study that raises more questions than it ...

Now is the time to stop three-parent IVF

Wesley Smith | 
The UK rubber stamp Embryo Authority has approved the manufacture of three-parent human embryos. The process is done by removing ...

NYTimes op-ed illustrates misguided view of a “right” to reproduce

Christopher White | 
In a recent New York Times editorial, Sarah Richards raised some provocative questions as to whether fertility treatment should be ...

The “chaos” sired by sperm donation

Wesley Smith | 
A biological father named William Marotta is resisting being held responsible for his child conceived privately — by answering a ...
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The coming human cloning controversies

Wesley Smith | 
The following is an edited excerpt. I learned about the first successful human cloning last Monday, but couldn’t write about ...
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Only way to prevent human clones is to prohibit new stem cell cloning technique

The following is an excerpt. The Los Angeles Times has waded in to the junk biology game, assuring us that no embryos ...
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Let the cloning obfuscation begin

Wesley Smith | 
Now that human cloning is upon us, look for many scientists and their camp followers (or ignorant reporters) to mislead ...
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Human cloning is here!

Wesley Smith | 
The following is an excerpt of a longer story. The world just changed. An international consortium of scientists have announced ...

Genes should not be patentable

Wesley J. Smith | 
The Supreme Court will decide whether human genes can be patented. If the Supremes allow genes to be patented, that ...