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Robot-powered plant science helps grape growers predict yields, detect pest threats

Krisy Gashler | 
For grape growers, accurately predicting each season’s yield is key to a successful harvest. Underpredict, and you won’t have enough ...

Despite anti-GMO ‘whispering,’ Bangladesh says ‘science-based information’ will guide its biotech policy

Krisy Gashler | 
Bt eggplant, or brinjal as it’s known in Bangladesh, is the first genetically engineered food crop to be successfully introduced ...
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14 corn genes identified that could boost vitamin E levels

Krishna Ramanujan | 
New research has identified genes that control vitamin E content in maize grain, a finding that could lead to improving ...

Open-source genomic platform could aid plant breeding in developing nations

Krishna Ramanujan | 
The Genomic Open-source Breeding Informatics Initiative (GOBII), a global project funded by an $18.5 million grant from the Bill and ...
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Corn catalog: Crop’s climate adaption genes identified to help breeders speed up improvements

Krishna Ramanujan | 
Over many thousands of years, farmers have bred maize varieties so the crops are optimally adapted to local environments. A ...
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How weeds can help with weed control

Blaine Friedlander | 
Farmers looking to reduce reliance on pesticides, herbicides and other pest management tools may want to heed the advice of ...

Fungus devastating frog populations by altering genome

Krishna Ramanujan | 
A deadly fungus has decimated certain populations of amphibians globally for the past few decades, but scientists remain unclear about ...

Disease-resistant tomatoes fight lethal pests

Stacey Shackford | 
The following is an excerpt. In the battle against thrips, Cornell breeder Martha Mutschler-Chu has developed a new weapon: a ...