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EU Court of Justice tosses Brussels lawsuit seeking to ban glyphosate weedkiller

Cain Burdeau | 
Europe’s highest court on [Dec. 3] tossed out a challenge from Brussels to the European Commission decision that lets Europeans ...
roundup spray

Bayer urges court to overturn $20M glyphosate-cancer verdict, objecting to ‘unreliable expert testimony’

Maria Dinzeo | 
Roundup manufacturer Monsanto urged three Ninth Circuit judges on [Ocotber 23] to overturn a jury’s verdict finding the weed killer ...
bee sunflower

Bees ‘scent trained’ to effectively pollinate sunflowers boost seed production up to 57%

Dustin Manduffie | 
Scientists in Argentina have trained honeybees to more effectively pollinate sunflowers — a method they believe can also be applied ...
salmon e

Judge may reject FDA AquaBounty GMO salmon approval, citing risk to ‘local ecology’

Maria Dinzeo | 
At a hearing [August 25], U.S. District Judge Vincent Chhabria said he’s concerned that AquaBounty, the biotech company behind the ...

Farmworkers’ group, nine states urge federal court to ban widely used insecticide chlorpyrifos

Matthew Renda | 
Farmworker advocates squared off with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency before a remote Ninth Circuit panel [July 28], arguing the ...
monarch san antonio express news

EPA ordered to review impact of glyphosate-based herbicides on monarch butterflies—but federal court blocks ban

Matthew Renda | 
A Ninth Circuit panel ruled against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on [July 22], finding the agency must take a ...
GMO label FDA only

Judge green lights class action lawsuit over Nestle’s ‘No GMO Ingredients’ product label

Martin Macias | 
A federal judge .... denied a bid by food and beverage giant Nestle to toss a consumer class action claiming ...
two honey bees x

Activist groups sue EPA to block expanded approval of alleged ‘bee-killing’ insecticide sulfoxaflor

Maria Dinzeo | 
Beekeepers asked the Ninth Circuit on [September 6] to block the federal government’s approval of the unrestricted use of the ...
file j abc

‘Small victory’ for Bayer: Judge says firm can move upcoming glyphosate trials to farm states

Helen Christophi | 
In a win for Monsanto following more than $2 billion in cancer-trial losses in California against the company’s popular weed ...

Roundup on trial: Cancer cases plateaued while glyphosate use exploded, Bayer expert witness testifies

Maria Dinzeo | 
Alva Pilliod’s lymphoma likely had no known cause, but his singularly abnormal immune system allowed it to flourish, an oncologist ...
Monsanto in Another Huge Lawsuit for Lying About Roundup Cancer Link

Following two glyphosate-cancer lawsuit defeats, here’s how Bayer may shore up its legal losses

Helen Christophi | 
San Francisco federal judge Vince Chhabria’s decision to split up the pivotal bellwether trials over an alleged link between Monsanto’s ...
Screen Shot at AM

Glyphosate trial: Text messages, emails reveal Monsanto’s ‘cozy’ relationship with EPA, plaintiffs’ lawyer argues

Maria Dinzeo | 
As the trial over the world’s most widely used herbicide and its connection to a California couple’s cancer stretches into ...

Bayer lawsuit: Plaintiff witness rejects EPA Roundup safety assessment as next glyphosate-cancer trial begins

Maria Dinzeo | 
At the start of testimony in what looks to be a long and contentious trial over whether [Bayer's herbicide] Roundup ...

Roundup trial: Plaintiff in glyphosate-cancer lawsuit asks for $18 million in damages as jury deliberations continue

Helen Christophi | 
Arguing that agrochemical company Monsanto has spent decades deceiving consumers about the dangers of its popular Roundup weed killer, attorneys ...
dicamba damage

Federal judge dismisses ‘key’ claims against Monsanto in dicamba drift lawsuit

Emily Zantow | 
A federal judge in Missouri dismissed several claims in a class action brought by farmers claiming agrochemical giant Monsanto sold ...

Lawsuit alleging Chipotle falsely advertised non-GMO ingredients headed back to court

Maria Dinzeo | 
Reconsidering his previous dismissal, a federal judge has decided to advance a class action accusing Chipotle Mexican Grill of falsely ...

Plaintiff’s attorney ‘manipulated’ jury in Roundup-cancer trial, Bayer claims

Helen Christophi | 
Calling Monsanto’s efforts to hide the alleged carcinogenicity of its Roundup weed killer “reprehensible,” attorneys for a school groundskeeper dying ...
HJen EGmX x

Monsanto defends its internal testing in Roundup cancer trial

Helen Christophi | 
A Monsanto scientist denied on [July 24th] that the company based its assertions that its Roundup weed killer doesn’t cause ...
roundup spray

Roundup trial: Monsanto lawyers grill expert witness for omitting key details around alleged glyphosate-cancer link

Helen Christophi | 
Lawyers for Monsanto attempted on [July 20th] to undermine a Chicago oncologist’s opinion that its Roundup weed killer caused a ...
Glyphosate x

Roundup trial: Monsanto lawyer, expert witness spar over glyphosate-cancer link

Helen Christophi | 
On the fourth day of a jury trial over whether Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer caused a Bay Area man’s deadly ...
'Junk science'? Judge and UCLA scientist square off in glyphosate-cancer lawsuit

‘Junk science’? Judge and UCLA scientist square off in glyphosate-cancer lawsuit

Nicholas Iovino | 
Returning to the witness stand, a scientist on Wednesday [April 4] defended her opinion that Monsanto’s popular weed killer Roundup ...
European Union court rules activists can challenge EU approval of GMOs

European Union court rules activists can challenge EU approval of GMOs

Barbara Leonard | 
Reviving a challenge to Monsanto’s marketing of food that contains genetically modified organisms, Europe’s highest court ruled [Maarch 14] that ...
b ff a

Federal judge halts California’s plan to require cancer warning label on glyphosate products

Nick Cahill | 
A federal judge on Monday halted California’s plan to require Monsanto to place warning labels on its Roundup products, saying scientists haven’t ...
Screen Shot at PM

To ban GMO crops, European countries must prove ‘serious and evident risk’ to health, environment

William Dotinga | 
An EU high court adviser on Thursday [March 30, 2017] gave member states a very limited go-ahead to ban the ...

US regulators propose restrictive rules for GMO wheat field trials

Ramona Young-Grindle | 
After rogue genetically engineered wheat plants found in Oregon and Montana caused market fluctuations and lawsuits, the federal regulating agency proposed a change ...

Scientist sues publishing group and university over threat to retract Golden Rice study

Iulia Filip | 
A scientist claims in court that the American Society for Nutrition will defame her if it follows through on its ...
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