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What will advances in genetics during 2014 mean for future of medicine?

Laura Hercher | 
No question that 2014 has been a year to celebrate for the field of genetics. Stem cell therapy, gene therapy, ...

Genetic manipulation is a slippery–so get over it

Laura Hercher | 
This week, the Food and Drug Administration debated a new IVF technique that could allow women with mitochondrial disease to ...

Patents, personal genetics and progress: Top 10 genetics stories of 2013

Laura Hercher | 
This year was brimming with genetics news, from the Myriad BRCA test ruling to the obliteration of the idea of ...

And Bob’s your uncle: A guide to defining kinfolk

Robert Resta | 
The following is an excerpt. When genetic counselors attend family reunions, their unofficial job becomes Namer-of-Relationships. “Keith, you and I are ...

Genetic counseling and the customer service model of healthcare

Robert Resta | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Genetic counselors wake up every morning and go to work because we are driven ...
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What the new ACMG guidelines really mean

Laura Hercher | 
Do patients have a right to not know what's written in their genes? The DNA Exchange explains doctors' new genetic ...

Testing everyone for everything: The problems with genetic screening

Robert Resta | 
The following is an edited excerpt. New techniques of DNA sequencing make it possible to test a single sample to determine carrier ...
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Genetic disease: The pitfalls of our risk perception

Robert Resta | 
Statistics about genetic risk pass through patients’ psychological, cultural, social, and educational filters and out of the other side comes ...

Genetic screening and “toxic information”

Katie Stoll | 
The term “toxic knowledge” has been used to describe genetic information that individuals may regret learning, following a prenatal genetic ...

New paradigm for genetic counseling

Roberta Resta | 
In the old days (like a year or two ago) only a small portion of the patient population were thought ...

Genetic counseling and medical ethics in the age of personal genomics

Laura Hercher | 
On October 25th, Time Magazine ran an article about genetic testing of children with the provocative title, “What Your Doctor ...