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Have we discovered a key switch for our biological clocks?

Our circadian clocks can be misaligned by a variety of reasons. Some of us are morning larks, other night owls ...
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CRISPR shows potential to control high cholesterol in mice

Michaela Kane | 
Biomedical engineers at Duke University have used a CRISPR/Cas9 genetic engineering technique to turn off a gene that regulates cholesterol ...
Obesity gene e

‘Fault-free obesity’: How much are fat-storing genes causing expanding waistlines?

Marla Broadfoot | 
Obesity is often attributed to a simple equation: People are eating too much and exercising too little. But evidence is ...
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Lower testosterone correlates with evolution of early human culture

Modern humans appear in the fossil record about 200,000 years ago, but it was only about 50,000 years ago that ...

A call for action: Genetic testing before prescriptions

Prachiti Dalvi | 
Codeine is an opioid pain medication; but if you are a poor metabolizer of a particular enzyme (CYP2D6), you will experience ...