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Viewpoint: Artificial intelligence ‘without guard rails’ is growing global threat

Diane Francis | 
Technology is bestowing wonderful opportunities and benefits to the world, but the acceleration of development, and lack of global regulatory ...
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Viewpoint: Absolute opposition to GMOs, gene edited crops and pesticides threatens food security and harms the environment

Toban Dyck | 
Every time an outspoken pundit calls GMOs categorically unsafe it undermines decades of past and in-progress scientific research and reminds ...
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Viewpoint: Farmers need more than pro-GMO marketing campaigns to earn public trust

Toban Dyck | 
If farmers want to shed the stereotypes foisted on them and talk openly to consumers about the realities of agriculture ...
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Viewpoint: Farmers use glyphosate to grow healthy crops, not because ‘Big Ag’ makes them

Toban Dyck | 
Until the public sees agriculture and the agricultural landscape for what it is and quits calling a circle a square, ...
dietwynethpaltrowr c

The Paltrow effect: When it comes to GMOs, consumers trust ill-educated celebrities more than science. How might farmers respond?

Toban Dyck | 
For a world that has largely forsaken religion in favor of science to base its attitudes towards food on nothing ...

Why do farmers use GMOs and pesticides?

Toban Dyck | 
Chemicals changed the course of agriculture. They became available. Then they became affordable. And then they started to keep their ...
somalis apfarahabdiwarsameh

Viewpoint: Rampant anti-GMO beliefs make it more difficult to combat hunger and food insecurity

Toban Dyck | 
The negative rhetoric surrounding GMOs, big ag and non-organic food production is due for a reckoning. At some point, many ...
mustard k H x @LiveMint

Viewpoint: Indian opponents of GMO mustard promote false hopes about unsustainable organic farming

Deepak Pental | 
Geneticist and the former vice-chancellor of Delhi University, Deepak Pental ... and his team have developed the transgenic mustard hybrid, DMH-11, ...

Anti-GMO demonization of conventional agriculture has consequences

Toban Dick | 
The negative rhetoric surrounding GMOs, big ag and non-organic food production is due for a reckoning. At some point, many ...

What will the GMO debate look like 20 years in the future?

Toban Dyck | 
When Monsanto created RoundUp, it plunked itself in the centre of a public throng that had never seen its likes ...
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