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Viewpoint: Roundup is a ‘timid cousin’ of dangerous pesticides, and a blessing to agriculture

Star Phoenix | 
The public has found its witch to burn. Glyphosate — or, colloquially, Roundup — is shackled to the stake in ...

A farmer’s view on educating consumers about GMOs, pesticides and sustainable food

Maclean's | 
My family’s farm began in 1880s with a sod house and an intrepid couple—the Banmans—willing to brave the unforgiving Canadian ...
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Why do farmers use GMOs and pesticides?

Financial Post | 
Chemicals changed the course of agriculture. They became available. Then they became affordable. And then they started to keep their ...
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Viewpoint: Rampant anti-GMO beliefs make it more difficult to combat hunger and food insecurity

Financial Post | 
The negative rhetoric surrounding GMOs, big ag and non-organic food production is due for a reckoning. At some point, many ...
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What will the GMO debate look like 20 years in the future?

Financial Post | 
When Monsanto created RoundUp, it plunked itself in the centre of a public throng that had never seen its likes ...