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Genetic facial recognition may be headed our way

Carl Smith | 
If the accuracy ever gets high enough, there would still be some interesting applications (including the privacy problem) of [genetic] ...

How DNA can be manipulated to recreate the Mona Lisa

Frances Addison | 
Researchers from Caltech have developed an inexpensive, facile technique for creating very large self-assembling DNA origami structures with customisable patterns ...
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Genomics AI tool: Google’s DeepVariant released as open source

Frances Addison | 
A novel artificial intelligence tool that can accurately call out variants in sequencing data was released as open source on the ...
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Five new genetic links to autism found

Frances Addison | 
Five novel genetic variants have been linked to autism spectrum disorders (ASD), according to a new study. The research, released ...

Questioning the promise of anonymity for DNA donors

Frida Holme | 
Thousands of human genomes have been collected by research institutions around the world in recent years, as they attempt to find ...

Feel anxious around people? Your genetics may be suppressing your serotonin flow

Frances Addison | 
A new study has discovered that the serotonin transporter gene SLC6A4 is strongly linked to the chances of developing social ...

Solving crimes with DNA evidence: Fact and fiction

Liz Harley | 
Crime dramas are an entertainment staple across the world. But as DNA becomes a more powerful tool for identifying the ...