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px Potato Chips

Pepsi’s dropped lawsuit over patented potato raises global questions about intellectual property

Rebecca Joseph | 
A dispute between small, local farmers in India and a corporate giant over a patent on the type of potatoes ...

Video: Geneticist Pamela Ronald breaks down basics of GMO safety, labeling

Nick Logan | 
Name a food preference and you can likely find items in the supermarket aisles to accommodate your wants and needs: ...
agamerica ag lending durum wheat

Sequenced durum wheat genome aids efforts to breed more nutritious, disease-resistant crops

Thomas Piller | 
University of Saskatchewan (U of S) researchers say they have discovered how to significantly reduce cadmium levels in durum wheat, ensuring the ...
HEART master

Diabetes and heart disease share common genetic links

Carmen Chai | 
Scientists out of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine say that they’ve uncovered 16 new genetic risk factors for ...

Personal DNA tests carry high risk of privacy breach

Patrick Cain | 
Where did my ancestors come from? What can my genes tell me about lurking health dangers? Is this child really ...

‘The Dress’ debate rages on: 23andMe tackling genetics behind illusion

The Internet has finally recovered from the great dress debate of 2015, but genetic testing firm 23andMe is still focused ...

Dad’s dietary folate intake affects fetal health, too

Carmen Chai | 
Don’t drink, limit coffee and take your daily vitamins – the laundry list of rules for expectant moms and women ...