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Bayer faces dozens of potentially costly glyphosate-cancer lawsuits in Hawaii

Stewart Yerton | 
Dozens of lawsuits potentially worth tens of millions of dollars in damages are in the works in Hawaii targeting Monsanto ...
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Hawaii counties cannot impose local safety bans on GMOs and pesticides, federal court rules

Anita Hofschneider | 
Monsanto, Syngenta and other seed companies that farm in Hawaii won a significant victory after a federal appeals court ruled ...

Kauai authorizes $100,000 GMO pesticide health study

Nathan Eagle | 
The state Department of Agriculture and Kauai County are paying a consultant $100,000 to examine the possible health and environmental ...

Maui locals sue in attempt to stop anti-GMO voter initiative

Anita Hofschneider | 
A group of Maui County residents and organizations are suing in an attempt to stop a county voter initiative to ...

Kauai’s anti-GMO bill defeat shows legal system favoring ‘corporate control’

Kai Huschke | 
A federal court recently ruled that Kauai County’s right-to-know law dealing with genetically modified organisms and pesticides is unenforceable. The court ...

Overturning of Kauai’s anti-GMO bill good for Hawaii’s farmers and agriculture

Kirby Kester | 
The recent ruling on Kauai County’s Ordinance 960, formerly Bill 2491, has profound positive implications for the Garden Island and ...

Opponents of GMO labeling in Vermont use Hawaii court ruling to try to block Center for Food Safety intervention

Anita Hofschneider | 
Opponents of Vermont’s new GMO labeling law are citing a recent federal court ruling in Hawaii to try to block ...
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What’s the future of Hawaii anti-GMO legislation in wake of rejection of Kaua’i ban?

Anita Hofschneider | 
A federal judge has struck down Kauai County’s ordinance requiring more disclosure from biotechnology companies about pesticide use and genetically ...

Hawaii’s anti-GMO SHAKA movement not disclosing campaign donations

Anita Hofschneider | 
While the issue of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture has been a highly charged political issue in Hawaii for ...
kauai veto

Kauai’s primary suggests voters are pro-GMO

Nathan Eagle | 
Kauai County Councilmen Mel Rapozo and Ross Kagawa, the lone members to oppose the county’s controversial GMO disclosure bill last ...

Anti-GMO non-profits try to intervene in lawsuit against Hawaii’s GM crop ban

Anita Hofschneider | 
National nonprofits Earthjustice and Center for Food Safety, along with Big Island farmers Nancy Redfeather, Marilyn Howe and Rachel Laderman, ...

Do Hawaii counties have authority to regulate GM crops and pesticides?

Anita Hofschneider | 
The question of whether or not counties have the authority to regulate pesticide use and genetically engineered crops was at ...

No fooling science with anti-GMO myths

Robert Wager | 
The internet is full of false information about genetically modified crops and derived food. Unfortunately the average person — including many ...
Faces of Molokai dependent on biotech industry with little say in proposed GMO ban

Faces of Molokai dependent on biotech industry with little say in proposed GMO ban

PF Bentley | 
Civil Beat photographer turned his lens on employees, farmers and their families on Molokai, the island where Big Biotech is ...
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Molokai voters have most to lose but least to say in Maui’s proposed GMO ban

Anita Hofschneider | 
Samson Kaahanui wakes up every weekday on the Hoolehua homestead, pulls on a neon long-sleeved shirt and goes to work ...

Proposed Maui GMO ban would shut farms, spike unemployment, cost millions

Anita Hofschneider | 
Hawaii’s rising movement against genetically modified farming has seen successes in Kauai County and Hawaii County, but the latest proposal ...

Farmers and biotech industry fight Hawaii County’s ‘crippling’ GMO ban

Anita Hofschneider | 
Several Big Island farmers and flower growers, along with a national trade organization representing the biotech industry, have filed a ...

Anti-GMO SHAKA Movement paying $5 per signature collected in support of petition to ban GMOs in Maui

Anita Hofschneider | 
Activists pushing for a moratorium on genetically modified farming in Maui County are stepping up their efforts to gather signatures ...
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Hawaii ‘grassroots’ anti-GMO rebellion run by Washington-based Center for Food Safety

Anita Hofschneider, Nick Grube | 
On the 11th floor of the Gold Bond Building, on the edge downtown Honolulu, is the brain trust of Hawaii’s ...

GMO fervor spills into Hawaii’s elections, fuels campaign donations

Nick Grube | 
The fervor surrounding genetically engineered crops in Hawaii is expected to spill into this year's elections, as a number of ...

Anti-GMO organizations join lawsuit defending Kauai ban

Anita Hofschneider | 
A federal judge has agreed to allow the Center for Food Safety, Earthjustice and several other organizations to join a lawsuit to defend ...

Scientist challenges Hawaiin activist claim that GMOs increase use of toxic chemicals

Steve Savage | 
On February 27, Paul Achitoff of the group Earth Justice opened an op-ed in Civil Beat with the emotive claim that “the ...

Will GMO fight kill hopes for next generation of Hawaii farmers?

Joni Kamiya | 
At this moment in time, with all of the vitriol in Hawaii over agriculture, I am not sure if I ...
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Hawaii: Time for the state legislature to weigh in on GMOs

Anita Hofschneider | 
Now that the 2014 legislative session has begun, Hawaii lawmakers are deciding whether the state should have a role in ...

Hawaii legislator says pro-GMO forces unfairly accuse him of bias

Russell Ruderman | 
In a recent editorial, Mr. Richard Ha accused me [owner of Island Naturals Markets and State Senator from Puna and Ka'u] ...

Pro and Anti GMO forces spar in Hawaii

Richard Ha | 
State Senator Russell Ruderman used his own company’s letterhead when he submitted anti-GMO testimony recently to the Hawaii County Council ...

Sustainability rethink needed: GM farming promotes dangerous ‘externalities’

Billy Mason | 
In the last 20 years, the development of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for the agriculture industry has resulted in a ...

Hawaii County’s Bill 113 ‘needlessly stigmatizes’ papaya farmers

Michael Shintaku | 
“Bill 113 needlessly stigmatizes our papaya farmers…it penalizes them as well,” writes Michael Shintaku, professor of plant pathology at the ...
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