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Viewpoint: Global food security threatened by Europe’s anti-GMO ‘food bullying’

Gary Truitt | 
The Farm to Fork program in Europe is designed to regulate food production in the E.U. as well as promote ...
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Has ‘Big Tech’ replaced ‘Big Ag’ as America’s favorite corporate villain?

Gary Truitt | 
For years, large agricultural companies and farmers have felt the sting of public opinion. Seed and crop protection companies have ...
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Viewpoint: Court-enforced dicamba weedkiller ban is about eliminating GMOs, not protecting farmers

Gary Truitt | 
....[T]he U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit .... banned the use of Dicamba weed control products at the ...
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Would you pay more for foods genetically engineered to benefit consumers?

Gary Truitt | 
Current consumer research indicates that consumers say they will pay a higher price for food with certain attributes. It has ...

Do Michael Pollan’s criticisms of GMOs make science sense? (Answer: No)

Gary Truitt | 
Michael Pollan, a UC-Berkeley journalism professor, activist, author, and journalist, is often portrayed as a civil debater who can fairly argue ...

Why Europeans are reluctant to embrace GMOs

Todd Janzen | 
Many European Union countries do allow imports of GMO corn and soybeans from the U.S. Those GMO products are used ...
Washington State GMO labeling initiative to go to the voters in a November ballot strict xxl

State GMO labeling laws present challenging legal questions

Todd Janzen | 
If the federal government does not require GMO labels, what will happen if a state passes a GMO labeling law? ...