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Video: Will new genetic testing methods open doors for better treatment?

Marianna Palka | 
Illnesses can sometimes run in families. Inherited genetic mutations can increase a person’s risk of developing different diseases – from ...

GMOs cannot be contained, endanger bees

Rick Paulas | 
When you boil them down, fights over what we eat — whether it's the antibiotics in livestock, or taxes on soda ...

New GMO labeling bill proposed for California

Rick Paulas | 
Back when Prop 37 was voted down by California residents in 2012, it felt like a missed opportunity. Here was ...

Monsanto’s sneaky plan to undermine GMO labeling

Rick Paulas | 
The Grocery Manufacturers Association, the largest trade group representing the biggest food corporations in America, recently approached congressional leaders and ...

Monsanto poised to take over the weed industry

Rick Paulas | 
Earlier this month, the state of Illinois joined the party and legalized medical marijuana, becoming the 20th state in the ...

Could genetic engineering make renewable fuel cheaper?

Chris Clarke | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Wood and straw are among the waste products our society produces in the greatest ...

The flip-flopper of the GMO debate

Rick Paulas | 
Mark Lynas has recently made one of the most dramatic shifts in position the food world has ever seen. Once ...

Labeling GMOs: The potential effects of the California labeling initiative

As consumers, we already eat (and have been eating for decades) genetically engineered crops such as wheat, corn and soy, ...
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