The flip-flopper of the GMO debate

Mark Lynas has recently made one of the most dramatic shifts in position the food world has ever seen. Once one of the leading anti-GMO spokesfolks, during a recent talk at the Oxford Farming Conference, Lynas delivered an apology for his role in the movement

While it’s certainly always ideal in any battle to get someone to cross sides and change their allegiance, it is also necessary to fully vet the Benedict Arnold-ish flip-flopper before simply believing everything they’re saying. Sure, their shifting stance might mean they’ve simply come to their senses after taking a cold, hard look in the mirror. But it also means that their point of view is malleable enough that we have to think about exactly what the causes behind the change are.

Which is all a nice way of saying: Just who the heck is paying Lynas’s checks anyway?

View the original article here: The Flip-Flopper of the GMO Debate

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